Thursday, December 01, 2005


Somebody's got an image problem...

Jes Golbez is playing this game where he names his favourite and least favourite players on every NHL team, and he's linked to three other hockey bloggers who have done the same.

Brace yourself, but you will not believe who all four of them picked as their least favourite Oiler.

Ohhhhh, mercy!


Given that there isn't really a reason to hate Mike Peca (even if you're an Oilers fan), I take this as a sign that either a) hockey fans are so consumed by greed and jealousy that they will hate anyone with a large contract who isn't a certifiable superstar, b) the Oilers don't really have anyone worth hating or c) the bloggers don't know the Oilers well enough to know who to hate.

I'm not sure which it is, although I think that option a is real and that the overwhelming support of the owners in the lockout is mostly attributable to that. I honestly don't know why you'd pick Mike Peca as your most hated Oiler though. I can't think of any criteria by which one would evaluate this and come up with that answer.

As for me, assuming that Tommy Salo isn't an option, I pick the Edmonton media. I might be stretching the definition of "Edmonton Oiler" a bit but the complete and total lack of accountability and criticism for anyone who doesn't have an on-ice role in Edmonton suggests to me that they're in some way officially affiliated with the squad. Add in the fact that they're brutal (not Eric Francis brutal, but still...) and it's an easy decision as far as I'm concerned.

That digression aside, I like the Oilers players, by and large. Even Igor Ulanov, who has made some terrible plays this year, is a blood and guts, heart and soul for the team type. It's not his fault that his brain stops working at certain points every game and that doesn't outweigh his merits as far as I'm concerned.

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Matt, you're going to end up in a padded room blubbering "Peca..?" if you keep this up.

There is a difference between "least favourite" and "most hated", don't forget. Basically, no one likes Peca; that doesn't mean they hate him like, say Avery.

My least favourite, at least this week, is Pisani. Lucky bugger.

You know, having a player on your team that a large portion of non-fans of your team universally dislike isn't necessarily a bad thing.... It could mean the guy is doing something right if he's pissing off that many people.

Though, I don't think this would really apply to Peca in this case.


Sabres fans have plenty of reason to hate Peca. Most fans in the eastern conference have plenty of reason to hate Peca. Your entire first paragraph is the closest thing to fiction I've read in a hockey blog ever.

Mike's done a lot of things to be hated by opposition. If you can't think of any criteria of why someone would hate Peca, try watching a highlight reel of his borderline hits. Even when he was captain of the Sabres we understood why he was so hated.

Couple that with his being a me-first crybaby during contract negotiations and it's easy to see why he's one of the most divisive players in the NHL.

Sorry, but, take your homer glasses off for a second and you'll see Peca for what he is.

For all of that, I'm a fan of EDM, and he'll help the Oil get back to the playoffs... he just won't make any friends doing it.


They all hate Hasek more than Havlat?

Other than a few special exceptions (how does one pick a least favourite Leaf?), I think my least favourite list would be derived from players who burned me in previous hockey pools.

I like the one where the guy melted down trying to pick just one least favourite Flame and started rattling off the whole roster.

tom l,

No one gives a shit about Buffalo. It's Hamilton's ugly cousin. That might explain why Peca's exit (and career) there slipped my mind.

In any event, for all the whining about Peca's late hits, it's been a long time since I can remember him throwing one. There are a ton of guys in the NHL who are more objectionable than him at this point. If you're (not necessarily you, but whoever) still carrying a grudge over Teemu Selanne...forget it. The Jets are gone and the statute of limitations is up.

Your entire first paragraph is the closest thing to fiction I've read in a hockey blog ever.

OK. Fans don't care about the money. Why then, would you write:

Couple that with his being a me-first crybaby during contract negotiations

unless you're bitter about the money? I mean it's not like he walked out when he had a contract-what's it to you if he wanted top dollar if you don't care about the money?

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