Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Oilers Game Day - New Jersey

Season Record: 16-11-3 Season Record: 13-12-4


After whinging that our single road point vs NYI caused us to drop in the standings, it was nice to see that we actually went up a spot while on hiatus because of Colorado's loss.

Anyway, I'm going to be out of commission for the next week or so, which shouldn't be a problem because apparently Matt is the only guy who posts around here anyway. I know I'm not quite as prolific as Fenwick, but sheesh. Maybe Cosh is right and Matt really is the biggest Oilers fan on this web-log.

Jersey has lost its last four games (all to the West), so we need to keep it going.

Keys to the game:
  • Getting better than 1/9 on the powerplay. I'm not normally one of those "shoot guys" at the games, but they really do need to shoot the puck more.
  • D-vo getting Torres and Stoll back on track
  • Something getting Horc back on track
  • Conklin - it's nut-cuttin' time for him.
  • Will Mac-T wear the dark glasses or the clear ones? Or are they those geeky ones that change colour depending on the ambient light?
Prediction: 4-0 Oilers. Conklin suprises everyone, we eventually sacrifice Morrison, and then Conks falls apart again. Speaking of sacrificial lambs: Rita vs Schremp. What else is there to say?


That's a pretty bold prediction, considering Conklin's last appearance was in The Game That Shall Not Be Mentioned, where the home Oil fans were chanting for the 50/50 draw early in the 2nd.

On the other hand, if the Oilers stay out of the penalty box, NJ doesn't seem to create many ES chances.

Heh, I like how, in that guy's link, Jes Golbez's site's profile merely says that Blogspot is having major difficulties. The site was down for, what, a few hours?

See? I'd already put that Game so far out of my mind that I'd totally forgotten that Conks was a part of that debacle.

To be far, though, he didn't start the game and by the time he got in there it was already beyond ugly.

It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't obviously read stuff here once in a while: or perhaps his December 8th post wasn't actually derived from Matt's Matt's December 5th post.

Not that I'm implying anything.

Hey, did you see Razor has linked that video now too?

"On one viewing I saw them simply as a white, overly-mustachioed, acid wash jean and izod wearing, Milli Vanilli.

But upon subsequent viewings I began to see the participating players, their delivery and the lyrics for what it was - The gayest thing I've ever seen hockey players do."


Wow, Sacamano does his patented one post per week, and it still gets twisted around into being about the Flames in the comment section. Unbelievable.

As for tonight, the Oil have to be all over the weakened defence of the Devils. I couldn't imagine a better game for Conklin to come back on, I don't think Jersey has many goals in them. Besides, its too long until the Oil play the Flames again, now talk about a high scoring team! averaging 1 goal a game this month, brilliant.

Crap, did it again, why does this site always reverberate back into the Flames?

As for Rita vs. Schremp, i think we need to take it all in context, after all, M-A Pouliot lit up the QMJHL last year, and so far this year he's an average AHLer. Now I know Schremp is better than Pouliot, however, if by Schremp vs. Rita you are asking which one is better suited to be a healthy scratch every night, the answer is Rita. I would much rather have Schremp playing in the OHL than sitting in the press box for NHL games.

And if Schremp were to play, where would he fit in? would he take away from Stoll, who's playing well? or Reasoner, another good player? See, its not as simple as Schremp vs. Rita. Its a complicated situation, more complicated then the reasoning behind the Flames video "Red Hot".

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