Monday, December 05, 2005


Now I can die in peace...

JACKPOT! at the Daily Links today! Big, big propz to The Intern for dredging this up.

It's Red Hot! The "music video" the Flames recorded not long after Climbing the Mountain, a.k.a. beating the Oilers in a playoff series.

It's awful; it's embarrassing; it's nostalgia! And I'm pretty sure that the reason Mike Bullard was later traded was not because Doug Gilmour was available, but because he looked like he was having too much fun in this thing. Go watch.

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That is spectacular. Simply spectacular.

I've watched it 5 times now and it is simply impossible to pinpoint the funniest part of that thing. Is it the fact that they clearly did a hell of a lot of rehearsal? Is it the fact that not a single person cracks-up in it? Is Hullie? Is it Vernon's hair? Is it the fact that Bullard clearly wrote that song? Is it the synchro guitar bobbing?

An amazing effort from top to bottom.

Since it's hosted by Google, it makes me wonder what search strings would bring it up: "Carey Wilson pretending to play the trombone", "Rick Nattress clean shaven", etc. etc.

I wonder if The Intern reads Calgary Puck? 'simmer2' posted a link to that video on Dec.2

It's either that, of a very eerie coincidence...

Can I get those 3 minutes of my life back? NO, NO, NO, now I have that song stuck in my head. "You can't touch a flame that is... Red Hot!"

Those mighty synth horns were definitely lodged in my brain for this morning's meeting.

It is so hard to decide how to interpret it, though. At times, there are hints the lads are just getting a good laugh out of it all(although as sac notes, no one actually cracks up), but then again, like a lot of 80's stuff -- they just look so sincere -- like they're just pouring their hearts out into that lip sync.

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