Monday, November 07, 2005


Potpourri for 4 million, please, Alex!

**Further to the post below featuring the Calgary Stampeders Fight Song, the Argonotes (Official Band of the Toronto Argonauts!) hosts ~1MB mp3 files of the fight songs for all 9 CFL teams at their website, as well as a couple of Grey Cup tunes. They were "recorded by noted Canadian big band leader Dal Richards in 1968, as part of a record album called Canadian Football Songs."

I don't think you have to hate big band music in general to find these songs to be pretty horrifying. (Bonus info: the B.C. Lions actually play theirs over the sound system at their games!)

**Offseason blockbuster Oiler addition Mike Peca will be back in their lineup tonight. Super! Always comfortable to insert a slumping player into a lineup that's carrying good momentum - that means the team will lift the player up, right? To be fair, Peca did play in the 1st two games of the Oil's current win streak, and contributed in the form of 35 minutes of ice time, 1 assist, Even, 2 shots, 1 penalty, and 24 of 44 faceoffs won (54.5%).

**Kipper won NHL Defensive Player of the Week honours, with nutty numbers: 0.33GAA, .984Sv%, 2SO in 3GP. Congratulations to Juicy Rebounds for his runner-up finish.

**The Acid Queen (writer of pulp science fiction(!)) has posted the Carnival of the NHL #12. Sacamano and I have some of our favourite hockey blogs listed on the left, but there's more, and like everything else, some are good and some are bad. It's a easy way to find some new reading material.

**And James Mirtle has a nice post up about rookies so far this year, and ranks Dion Phaneuf (NHL leader in missed shots) second. I haven't seen enough other games to really see how he compares to the others, but he's unquestionably exceeded my expectations. I've had one small nit to pick so far (that he's not fastidious enough with the puck when they're setting up the PP), and that could be fixed by next game at the rate he's developing.

I don't think Phaneuf has a snowball's chance at the Calder, because the forwards' numbers are going to be too gaudy. But I think he'll get an honourable mention on just about everyone's list.


Perhaps you've never been to an Eskimos game, but we actually sing the song in Commonwealth - and are proud to do so.

Good thing Kipper finally got his game back, because only Columbus has fewer goals/game than the Flames. That's right, Chicago, Phoenix, heck, even Florida can put the puck in the net better than the Flames.

Ah, yes, clearly with the Oil scoring 26 goals in the past 5 games, they're toodling along at their natural pace, whereas their 22 goals in the 1st 10 games (record: 3-6-1) was an aberration.

It is, indeed, comforting that the Flames can compete with offensive numbers that would doom the Oilers to 14th or 15th in the conference. Which, for those of us with memories longer than 10 days, seemed quite plausible recently.

I'm sure you didn't intentionally ignore the 12 goals the Oilers scored in their first three games (record 3-0-0.

Heck, even in the 7 games during which the Oiler's entire top line was injured, they still scored more than the Flames have during their last 7 games.

But hey, I'm sure Kipper will put up career numbers again.

I'm also glad to see Flames fans have adjusted their expectations such that "competing" now means 11th place.

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