Thursday, November 03, 2005



That's the best thing you can say about tonight's Flames win--2 points (although Regehr's return to the lineup is a really close second).
Also, Tuesday was the first night of the season where both the Flames and the Oil won. Tonight was the second. Maybe this dealy's gonna get fired up after all.


You got that right. Flames won despite playing one of their worst games in awhile...

That was ugly. But you gotta beat the teams you gotta beat and the Blue Jackets (which I originally thought were named after a house fly) are one of those teams.

They are going to have to play better (and start scoring some freaking goals) if they are going to get some points out of the Canucks this weekend.

The Oilers put on a superb display of grit and skill to beat Detroit. Peter's response: "Weird shit happens sometimes."

The Flames sleepwalk and stumble their way to a narrow victory over Clodumbus. Peter's response: "Yeah! Those are the kinds of games character teams win!"

Long live Generalissimo Sutter! Long live the Red Mile Party Line!

Peter said no such thing, for starters.

Generalissimo Sutter has an interesting record (and perhaps incomprehensible to those of you in MacT-land). In each of his 5 full seasons in San Jose, the team earned more points than the previous season (78-80-87-95-99).

A rather stark contrast with MacT's teams, who incredibly have never once earned more points than their previous season (93-92-92-89).

Meet the new Oil - same as the old Oil.

A magnificent blow against deviationism! I salute your proletarian tact in omitting Comrade Sutter's Chicago record, which is libellously described in the bourgeois social-fascist sources as 106-87-53! The party marches onward!

53! That's quite a drop-off. It's almost like they only played half the season, or something.

And besides, it is a low, low, blow to hold anything to do with the Blackhawks franchise against someone personally, unless their name is Wirtz or Pulford.

My bad--I thought I'd put an asterisk on the 53, but I must have hit the "back" button before posting. Let the Battle Of Not Really Mentioning The Flames At All While Trying To Minimize An Increasingly Embarrassing String Of Oiler Wins resume.

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