Saturday, November 05, 2005


Greg Millen: get bent!

Let me get this out of the way first: listening to the execrable Millen tonight, I was reminded of a little blurb by The Sports Guy on Thursday:
This sounds like one of those Paul Maguire arguments where he makes up the argument with himself -- "I'm gonna tell you right now, that was pass interference, that was definitely pass interference ... watch this replay ... wait, that was not pass interference!"

I felt that way about Millen tonight, except that when the replay ran and showed the opposite of what he was saying, or was totally inconclusive, he wouldn't argue with himself. Yelle for goalie interference? Was there actual contact between Yelle and Auld? And that bit where he was clearly pleased with himself for smacking down Mick McGeough's overheated goal-waving-off: jeez. Millen thought the puck was under Kiprusoff the whole time. Then the replays show the puck going in the net barely after the whistle, and Millen is still cracking on Magoo. "Trying to be the show", eh Millen? Takes one to know one, I suppose.

Anyway, I thought this was the best, most exciting game I've seen all year. There was plenty of scoring chances, and plenty more good D. The refs weren't ignoring obstruction, but they were allowing aggressive play, which is great as far as I'm concerned. Chalk me up, I suppose, as one of the fans who doesn't think more scoring and more entertainment necessarily go hand-in-hand.
The Flames are now 5-1-1 at home, 6-1-1 on TV, and 4-0-0 at home vs. the Northwest Division. All these things bode well for the rematch on Monday.

And I'm damn interested to read Tom's take on this game.


Exciting not... Vancouver was on 2nd of back to back. I don't think I have seen the Nuck s play that bad before. Oh I am glad to see we have another Millen fan in the house... the guy is a tool. The hilight of the night was Phaneuf throwing down the gloves and stick challenging Ruttu then promptly stepping on his stick and going down like 2 dollar hooker... Go Oilers... they may be inconsistent but at least the game is faster..

Didn't see this one; got occasional updates off the Sportsnet ticker. Now that was frustrating. Basically two hours of me going "But a game can't just stay 1-0 in The New NHL!"

I'm not just pissed because I have him in my pool, but what's with Steve Reinprecht? How many offensive-zone turnovers? He's completely invisible out there.

And Langkow is a big dissapointment.

Were we watching the same game? The officiating was dreadful! After over-calling penalties in the 2nd, it seemed clear that the refs just abandoned the game in the 3rd. I'm not saying that the Canucks were treated unfairly, but inconsistency like this drives me crazy, and it will just make it harder for players to adapt to the "new NHL".

I agree though that CBC's team is dreadful, Millen especially.

Millen is a sore spot for everyone I know who watches the games. He truly is a moron.

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