Friday, November 25, 2005


Canadian Blog Awards

The Battle of Alberta has been nominated for Best Sports Blog - you can go here to vote. If it's not going to be for us, Golbez, Mirtle, and Canucks OpEd are all in the running, and are all good hockey blogs that I read regularly.

And if you are going to head over there, please take the time to add your votes for in the Best Blog and Best Media Blog category, and also for Tart Cider (LCBO Privatization) in the Best Blog Post Series. These guys are both good friends of this blog, and probably have the two best sites on the web.


Congrats on the nomination! My vote has been neatly patted into the ballot box.

Although Mirtle and Golbez are a close second, there's a certain Albertan insouciance that feels like home to me at BoA.

Tom "crabby pants" Benjamin should get some hardware, too.

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