Friday, October 14, 2005


Speaking of on a roll...

This site just surpassed 5,000 visits, according to Sitemeter. I'm pretty pleased with that for our first month. Thanks to all our readers, and to those folks who have directed traffic our way, especially Colby Cosh, Eric McErlain, and Roy MacGregor. Onward!


Congrats on the readership.

You guys light a fire under Covered in Oil's ass. We now feel 20 per cent more guilty when we don't bother updating our weblog.

What Matt fails to mention is that approximately 78% of all those visits are just he and I obsessively refreshing to see if anything has changed over the previous 3 minutes.

Not true! I don't think...

Sac is probably a little bit right. Sitemeter doesn't tell you how many unique visits you get. I probably hit the page 10 times a day just by myself. Bravenet has a better counter. The only problem are the pop ups when u click on the page.

Still, the numbers are impressive. Very impressive.

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