Wednesday, October 05, 2005


OK - now we're pumped

Noted children's book author and sports columnist Roy MacGregor has a great piece in the Globe & Mail today on the Battle of Alberta. It's packed full of anecdotes and memories -- and this interesting aside:
There is even a new Internet site -- -- where rabid fans on both sides can exchange pleasantries, presumably typing with their knuckles.

Roy, I'll give you a pass on the knuckle blast -- and thanks for the love. If you're coming here for the first time from the Globe, you can make up your own mind about the literacy of our content. (Just because wee type with are thums don't mean we cant rite good). Read about the general idea behind this site here.

MacGregor's indisputable concluding sentences:
Last week, Risebrough left his Minnesota base to be in Alberta to watch two matches between the old rivals. The level of hockey -- rarely notable in preseason -- wasn't what struck him nearly as much as the level of anticipation.

"It's back," he says. "In all its forms."

"The memories live on," adds Oilers president LaForge.

"And the fans are ready for it again."

Yes, we most certainly are.


congrats on the nod in the Globe and Mail!

Hard to not see traffic jumping a little bit in the next day or two, huh?

Hah, that's fantastic.

I was listening to Darryl Janz this morning on "the Eagle" on my way to work and he was comenting on his brief time as a Flames commentator. His most exciting memory was during the playoffs in '84, when Calgary beat Edmonton in Game 6, and the Flames officially "served notice that the Battle of Alberta was going to a new level". I was a bit young to remember this, but figured a guy like Matt whose fanship was formed during those early Saddledome days might recall this.

A Messier fan? ME TOO!

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