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...I thought it was supposed to be that sports talk radio had the people pushing the panic button, and teams had the people who were about staying calm, and following the plan. Well, this morning the radio jock was explaining that he wasn't too worried yet, and a few hours later:


I've been plenty critical of the performance of Ference and Montador so far this season, but hiring Bryan Marchment seems to be an overreaction (as 'jonathan w' alludes here, what? They couldn't pry Wade Belak out of Toronto?).

Regehr is back in about 10 games, which means barring further injuries, both Marchment and Montador will be watching most games next to Peter Maher and Roger Millions, but this still makes me uncomfortable. I wasn't too keen on calling up Eric Nystrom to give Lombardi a kick in the ass, either (can't the coach just kick him in the ass directly?).

This isn't the worst acquisition since the Finals; that honour still goes to Jason "Puck Taken Away From" Wiemer (as far as I can tell from the play-by-play guys, that's his new nickname). But it's not too inspiring.


Wow,if the best Calgary can do is sign a defenceman that couldn't even make the worst defensive team in the league, then it is panic time in Calgary indeed. Its too bad too, i was looking forward to some more boobies this year on flamesgirls.com. ah well, Oiler girls are just as hot, they just have a lot more class!

Don't worry bing, the season is still young and the Flames have nowhere to go but up from here. There will be Flamesgirls boobies in your future, despite the mysterious and seemingly panicky Marchment signing.

Hey I saw a couple Leafs preseason games and he wasn't bad at all. If fact, he was pretty good and blocked a ton of shots. The only reason they let him go was they conscious effort to keep their team younger -- not always a good idea when it comes to defence.

Who knows, he may even become the Flames version of Ulanov, so desperate to stay in league he'll throw his body in front of anything, maybe even face first.

TSN comment board hilarity on the Mush signing:

"Do we really need this hack?? Heck, this guy coul..."
"i'd rather have marchment than aki berg,anyday ..."
"Panic Already on the Red Mile ??? ..."
"Why would Calgary spend 500 K of salary cap on thi ..."
"At least this keeps Steve Montador off the ice, so ..."

By the way, can I encourage people to start spreading my Bermanist nickname for Montador?

It's "Hiroshima." Thanks in advance.

Is it Bermanist or Boomer-esque? THAT is the question.

Wasn't Cherry ranting on HNIC the other night about how awesome Marchmant had played in the pre-season. I thought he said he had the best +- on the team or something. I can't be sure. I usually have a seizure every time I see one his suits.

Thanks for the hilarity. I like imagining different ways to end the sentence, "Heck, this guy coul..."

And I'd be happy to start referring to Montador as Hiroshima, if only you'll clue me in. (I went to university in Ontario - apparently that should excuse my ignorance, or at least explain it...)

That's all right--even in Alberta, geers don't get exposed to very much Alain Resnais as a rule.

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