Tuesday, October 11, 2005



There's a couple of good posts from Leafland over at BofA friend Tart Cider. Everyone knows the jokes about the standings revealing whether your team is old, or merely veteran, and Selley does some math:
Of course Toronto is the oldest. Why, that Zimmer-frame pushing, farina-eating, Depends undergarment-soiling, no chance in hell at the playoffs lineup you saw doddering around against Ottawa was a full 0.2 years closer to death than the Oilers', and an incredible 1.9 years older than the Senators, who iced Canada's sprightliest 19 men on Wednesday night.

And here's a post about a guy who couldn't make the Flames when they were one of the weakest teams in the league. The title is pretty self-explanatory: Something must be done about Wade Belak. For my part, I'm stunned that the guy is still in an NHL uni.

I also wanted to point to the Line of the Week, or perhaps the year, from yesterday's CFL tilt between the Bombers and Lions. Milt Stegall's receiving performance was summarized on the Headline Sports ticker as follows:
4 REC, 234 YDS, 4 TD



I just wanted to point out that Calgary just signed a guy who couldn't displace Wade Belak- a big hello to Bryan Marchment, a lead-footed pylon who has the distinction of being the greatest pylon cheap-shot artist in history!

Marchment? Wow. I am so sorry, Matt.

The CFL sucks. Numbers like that prove it.

Bryan Marchment is twice the defender that Wade Belak is. Seriously. And he's making approximately half the money.

Milt Stegall was awesome, but it was more that the secondary he faced was mostly new guys, and they had no idea what to do with him. He would have had five TD's if he had got a handle on the last throw his way...went in and out of his hands, and there was nothing but space between him and the end zone.

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