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**Not a bad little feature on the U. of Michigan's Fab Five found at Yahoo! Sports this morning. I have a bit of an enhanced interest in these guys as they were frosh the same year I was, in 1991-92 (they had a much better year).

**And speaking of the babies of 1973, the NHL Draft Class of '91 is still going strong, impressively strong (if only my career hadn't been derailed by injury!). My rough count is that 13 of the 22 first-round picks are still NHLers taking a regular shift (when healthy, which most of them have been). Then at the top of the 2nd round there's Ray Whitney and Steve Staios -- who I now learn is "sometimes referred to by fans as the 'Greek Bobby Orr'" - "fans" are having a tough time settling on his ethnic origins, apparently. A few more quality players are sprinkled throughout the draft; Shawn P. Roarke covers all the bases.


Huh, my girlfriend was born in the same year. Man that seems like a loooooong time ago when you realize the Big E was born the same year.

Tyler: Does your girlfriend read this site? Something tells me you may have implied she's aged.

Just saying.

Its astonishing how consistently bad the Canucks drafting was in the early 90s; Stojanov? (although they turned him into Naslund) Polasek? Wilson?

Fortunately no, LT. I imply she's aged all the time though.;)

We're still trying to get offsides straightened out, so I figure I'm in the clear.

Offsides? lol. When you get it straightened out please for the love of GOD explain it to all the NHL's wingers. They're still bitching so much about it one wonders if they actually know the rule (and this hasn't changed since 1973). :-)

Perhaps Staios' family is from the region of Macedonia in Greece...

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