Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm Bringing Sexy Back

I had lunch with Rob Schremp this afternoon. Well, not really. But we did eat in the same restaurant. A friend and I stopped in for lunch at Badass Jacks on 109 street. As I sat down to eat my (disgusting) Souvlaki wrap, I noticed that the guy across from me looked familar. Sure enough, tucked beneath that hat was none other than the Hockey Jesus. He left moments later, probably in no small part to my friend, who kept turning around trying to figure out who I was talking about. But he was ten feet away from me at the most. That's two hockey players I've been within ten feet of in two days, and I've yet to say a word to either.

In addition to the Schremp/Stanley shootout video I posted this afternoon, here's a splendid photo taken by Avi. I've highlighted the puck, which you can see floating about ten feet in the air. Crazy stuff. The goalie has already reacted, which is hilarious. The puck hasn't even moved forward yet. He obviously had no idea where the hell it was. His pose is the same one Bill Ranford burned onto my retinas in the early 90s.

I also want to note that 367 days ago, on September 12, 2005, The Battle of Alberta was born. Happy birthday, BoA!!! Fittingly, Matt started it off with a post about the Oilers. He loves them so. Today also marks the birthday of SportMatters, and I've thrown up a little post there to celebrate our 1st birthday. Happy birthday, SM!!!

Last, but absolutely not least, here is a slideshow of the Oilers rookie camp and game against the Bears. Credit to Avi and Cosh for the pictures. This one is dedicated to the girls at Hot Oil, and all the female Oilers fans throughout the Oilogosphere. Keep on "Squeee-ing" in the free world, ladies!


Awesome! I love it!
Especially at the begining when one of the rookies is bent over forwards! LOL. ;)

That music is really making me reconsider the wisdom of the whole Creative Commons thing. I might have to change the "authorizing derivative works" part to include a proviso about unbelievably shitty techno.

That is Justin Timberlake, not shitty techno. I know it's not, I don't know, "Eruption," but it is a fantastic song. Plus, it's for the ladies.

What about that picture with the puck in the the air, by the way? Ain't that a beaut?

Excellent song choice, Grabia. MacT is so hot.

The picture is great--it's a shame "Avi" is too sensible to spend food money on a DSLR.

I don't understand the "If it's made by Justin Timberlake it cannot possibly be unbelievably shitty techno" principle, but Grabia has made it clear in the past that he is willing to praise music even (or especially) if it's made by some assface on his kitchen table with a broken Casio.

On the other hand, "Hot photo means hot photographer" is a totally true maxim, ladiez.

I swear, the first time I heard that song, I thought it was a girl singing. Seriously, it wasn't supposed to be a poke at Timberlake's masculinity. It took some convincing for my girlfriend to get me to believe otherwise.

This blog is starting to get (just a tad) stalker-creepy. At least the Oilers-pole of it anyways.

Remember gents, after the "Hot-Oil Oilers Hot Off" completes, get your banana hammocks ready for a "Hot-Oil Oilogosphere bloggers Hot Off".

I was just reading Duhatschek's article at and found this gem...

"the Oilers lost a heart-breaking Game 7 against the Carolina Panthers in the Stanley Cup final"

At least they were within a field goal

get your banana hammocks ready for a "Hot-Oil Oilogosphere bloggers Hot Off".

I'm gonna make them all my bitch.

I'm gonna make them all my bitch.

Pre, Post or during the pregnancy?

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