Wednesday, May 03, 2006



That was something. Holy outplayed, Batman.

I'm not going to post much right now, because as we all know, you kind of hate everything when your team looks bad. Maybe two things:
I agree with Kelly Hrudey that the Ducks ought to be heavy favourites against the Avalanche, with the caveat that we still, frustratingly, after 3 games, don't really know if Bryzgalov is any good. Later.


I'd say DSutter should lose the GM position and stick with coaching. He was, after all, the guy that signed Amonte, no? For that alone he should be released.

What a piss-poor performance by the Flames. It was positively Canuck-like in its patheticness.

Well, another post for another day, but I think if Sutter Coach requests the Rhino/Sauve for Leclerc/Boucher trade, Sutter GM tells him he's on crack.

Lose Amonte.

Sign Briere.

Recipe for Success.

You know, the sad sack nature of this post almost makes me feel bad for taking this much pleasure in a Flames loss.


In conclusion, it's sad to see you go, but I do love to watch you leave. OILERRRRRRRZZZZZZZZZZ!!

Lumley, the continuation (in earnest) of your site might literally be the only thing at this moment that pleases me about the remainder of the playoffs. Have fun.

Teemu really exposed the Kippers weak stick side. It was that or his tendency to cheat on his post.

cynical joe said...
Pleasure Motors:


You know Pleasure, its classy posts like yours, that make me realize I don't hate the Oilers, all these years I kind of respected them; now I see why I was confused: I hate the Oiler fans.

Hey, cynical joe has been using his "private time" to search his soul for what he really hates. No doubt that is time well spent.

Ah, by 11 a.m. he'll be phoning in his order for a Pronger jersey along with thousands of other Tampons.

Whatever else you want to say about the performance of the Flames over the last two seasons, this habit of taking every series to seven games has got to be literally killing their fans.

maybe I'm just another dopey, know-nothing Avalanche fan, but why would the Ducks be a heavy favorite over a team to which it lost three out of four in the regular season?

If they continue to backcheck and block shots, the Avs should neutralize the Ducks #1 scoring threat on the ice....otherwise sending a couple of kegs of fresh Colorado microbrew to the Selanne household should do the trick.

As the Irishman said watching a ruckus break out in the bar "Is this a private fight, or can anyone join in?"

I have no dog in the "Battle of Alberta" fight, but as a Canuck fan I was glad to see Burkie's team get through to the second round. Although Burke won't, I just dream of him phoning Stan McCammon and asking "hey, how's Orca Bay doing now, you little puke?"

>but why would the Ducks be a heavy favorite over a team to which it lost three out of four in the regular season?

Because the regular season doesn't matter. Actually, they could win but Jose Theodore still looks like Ty Conklin out there. But as you know, Anaheim isn't going to play nearly as bad as Dallas did.

I would say the regular season does matter. I thought the Oil had a chance against Det because they played them tough and this was without Rolo and Samsonov and Spacek for a couple of games.


You know Pleasure, it's classy posts like yours, that make me realize I don't hate the Oilers, all these years I kind of respected them; now I see why I was confused: I hate the Oiler fans.

Had I not just endured an entire season of holier-than-thou Flames fans explaining to me how everything about the Oilers and their fans was borderline pathetic, and telling me that we were all living in our past glory days, and revelling in every bit of nervous hand-wringing Oilers fans did, all the while huffing Jarome Iginla's excrement out of Safeway bags and telling us all about how sweet it smelled, perhaps I would be concerned about class.

This is a sports rivalry--if you want sympathy and good graces, go drown yourself in bleach. Or, uh, something.

PS Matt, though I hate your team, I have strong feelings for you. Not strong enough for empathy, mind you, but still.

Meh. You guys only have slight feelings for Fenwick because you weren't at the north Edmonton Schanks back in October with Cosh and Me. He was obnoxious and unbearable.

Hey, is that offer for a bigger table still open?

As a matter of fact, I am arriving in Edmonton on the scheduled date for Game 7* of Oilers v. Sharks. Regardless of how sarcastically you intended that question to be, the answer is certainly Yes.

Also, thanks once again for defusing all those fights I tried to start at Schanks. I now understand that it's not required to drink an entire quart of Alberta Springs in order to appreciate a Battle of Alberta.

(*If necessary)

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