Saturday, October 22, 2005


At least someone in the bar was happy

As my friend Bob Sacamano mentioned, I took a quick road trip on Thursday and caught the Battle of Alberta from Schanks Athletic Club in Edmonton's bland West End.

Wearing a Flames retro "Smith/86" jersey, I was prepared for trouble, though not really expecting it. However, the patrons who mostly filled up the place were unfailingly polite (if not well-groomed).

It almost felt unfair to Sacamano and Cosh, and unlike the previous paragraph, I'm telling the truth. Obviously I enjoyed the result most. I'm sure I enjoyed the beverages most (or is that "most beverages"? Probably both). And since I'm the least interesting one of us, I'm sure I enjoyed the company the most.

I suppose if we try it again, we should arrange for a bigger table.


Hey, I'm all for it, as long as you guys promise never to go to Schanks again. I usually head down to the basement of the Black Dog on Whyte. Seating is limited but good if you get there a half hour early, and there's free pizza in the first intermission, as well as hockey trivia during the breaks. Plus, the Dog is within stumbling distance of my house, something which the aforementioned giant box bar in Edmonton's bordering-on-the-edge-of-space west end cannot boast.

I am in as well.

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