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Huge Night for Oilers Fans

WOOOO HOOOOO! It has finally happened, the Oilers have signed Tyler Spurgeon.

What? Game? Huh?

I'm sort of at a loss for words regarding the game tonight. Just a huge, huge comeback in the third. Local boy and clutch performer Fernando Pisani sparks the comeback, and everybody's least favourite player yesterday but favourite player today--Hemsky--seals the deal. What else is there?

Required Misty Eyed Comments about the Opposition
This photo gallery (to the right of the page) of the Wings locker room shows some pretty unhappy people. Apparently Legace, when asked how he felt after the game (why do they keep asking these stupid questions) said, "How do I feel? I feel like I want to go home and hang myself." Yikes, I sure hope he doesn't act on those feelings. Legace wasn't horrible, and he certainly didn't cost the Wings the series. Hell, I'm not even convinced he cost them any games.

Stevie Y was pretty classy being the first guy to skate over to the Oilers bench to shake hands. Playing with torn ribs has to be pretty painful. It had to be his last game.

A big shout out to all the excellent Detroit bloggers who traded banter, especially Christy, A2Y, and Matt.

Bonus Events

Required Note About Controversial Goal:
The third goal looked good to me. The CBC reverse angle showed conclusively that it was definitely not a high stick, and it sure looked to me like the puck went in off of Hemsky's leg after being pushed into the net by Lidstrom, but maybe there was better footage on NBC showing some 'distinct kicking'?). But even if it wasn't good, it should probably be considered Karmic Retribution for the Shanahan goal that came off a missed tripping call on Peca and perhaps even the Lidstrom pick goal. Given that Wings fans were so understanding about those two calls, I'm sure they will be understanding about this one too. But, as I said, from everything I've seen, I think it was a good goal. Stevie Y thought so too, or so he said in the post-game interview. [Update]: has highlights of the controversial goal. If you right click on the video while it is playing you can choose to view it at a slower speed and in full screen mode. With some deft clicking, you can pause at the relevant spots to see that, indeed, when Horcoff actually makes contact with the puck his stick is perfectly parallel to the ice and is well below his shoulders. Additionally, you can see the puck bounce off of the Oilers logo in the middle of Hemmer's chest and into the net. It wasn't anywhere near his feet, nevermind being kicked in the net.


Congrats Oilers, clearly the team that wanted to advance more did! As far as the third goal it looked as if the puck actually bounced off Hemsky's logo on his jersey. Could it be the power of the hockey gods? Just imagine how loud Rex would have been if it had been a "no goal." I just think the Refs wanted to get out of there in one piece! And the look on Legace's face on the fourth goal, he knew it was over, right there and then. Just a blank stare from the Wings goalie was almost heart breaking even for Oilers fans (or not). This was a great series, hope the rest of the playoffs have this kind of intensity.

Nice third period by the Oil, after coasting through the second. Pisani rocks!! He should be wearing the 'A'. And I think my new nickname for Hemsky is 'Spaz'.

Incredible comeback in the third Oilers, kudos. Did Mac-T promise everyone pet turtles if they won during the 2nd intermission or something?

I think I'd rather face the Flames in the 2nd round. San Jose just scares the crap out of me. They should be avoided at all costs until the conference finals.

Thanks guys for giving us something to talk about every night. This was a fun series for the bloggers and blog-frequenters.

Seriously and with all respect, congrats to the Oilers and their fans. Your team earned this, your organization earned this, and you the fans deserve it.

As a hockey fan moments after the devastation of the final minute last night, I began salivating about the possibility of watching the "Battle of Alberta" in the second round. What a game we have, even when the refs are bad our game rises above it.

Best of luck in the coming rounds. All the best to the Candian hockey are the REAL DEAL!

As for the Wings. We'll be back. :o)

PS - Yes, the goal was good.

The better team won. That's it and that's all.

How's that Sac?

Though I hate to see my Wings lose, it's strangely better when they lose to a team that simply outplayed them. And that's what the Oilers did. They wanted it, and they went after it. You have to give 'em respect for that. They played a great series.
Congratulations to all Oilers fans. Your team deserves this. I'll be cheering for the Oilers along with you. It's been a while since a team (not just a goaltender) so convincingly was better than the Red Wings. The Oilers are a great TEAM. That's why they should win. Good luck to the Oilers in the rest of the playoffs.

The better team won. That's it and that's all. How's that Sac?

I accept.

geez, a little perspective people.

I see Colby now has the Oilers as the favorite of the surviving teams to win the Cup on his big spreadsheet.

The Oilers played a solid series and full marks for pulling off the upset. But frankly, the Wings looked very beatable in every game and still won two, dominating the play for the most part. It's not like they played as hard as, say, to pick a totally random example, the Ducks.

Nice Kick, what is this Soccer? That and cheap shot Smyth runs Legace and Williams gets a penalty. Yeah that makes complete sense to me too.

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