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Serious Question

Thoughts on the game later. For now, we have a serious problem.

Grabia and I were discussing it this afternoon (his thoughts on the problem here), and we couldn't come to a satisfactory resolution.

Is it permissible to cheer for the Flames tonight, only to ensure a Battle of Alberta? OR
Do we need to wait for them to be in a 7th game? OR
Is it never permissible.

We need to solve this.


Let their own fans cheer for them.

Make them go to game 7... Sorry - I can't cheer for them...

Agreed, let their own fans cheer for them. Personally I'd like to see the Flames fall flat against the Ducks out of sheer spite. Not that I think it's very likely.

Yikes - Listening to the radio after the game and Legace said he feels like going home and hanging himself.

I feel sorry for the guy. True - he didn't save games for Detroit but they couldn't solve the oilers defence and rollie.

Sac, as a more or less neutral observer, I'd love to see Calgary win to set up a playoff BOA. But when I had a team to really cheer for, before the Jets died, I would have stabbed my eyes out before I would have cheered for the friggin' Oilers against anyone. Cheering for your greatest rival, irrespective of the rationale behind it, just shouldn't happen.

It's a no-cheer zone. Not even a bit. If you do find yourself cheering for them, it tells you something about yourself. It really does.

If BOA happens, it happens. If not, take glee at being the Alberta team to move on and throw their pre-playoff words back at them.

You also have to look at the team they are playing against. Anaheim are a fairly likeable team, and you feel kind of bad for cheering for the Flames. I remember hoping the Flames would win against the Canucks back in 03-04, but that was because the Canucks had knocked us out of the playoffs, and I was not going to take Calgary seriously.

I think people are getting too caught up in the whole potential Battle of Alberta to realize that there is too much to dislike.

So I would say that it's never acceptable.

Looks like the Hockey Gods may not need the Oilers Fans -- the ducks were jobbed on that Selanne goal.


Let them cheer for their own team.

I'm going to revel in the victory.

Maybe that Conga line rolling down Whyte Ave. tonight, will make it here to BC.

You all have a place to stay if you make it here.

Some of the guys over at Kuklas Korner are still making the arguement that the Wings were the better team. Get the net guys. The Wings are toast.

It is never permissable

Ah, good stuff. If I was an Oiler fan, I'd probably be cheering for Anaheim... beating San Jose is a much less daunting proposition than beating Calgary.

You cheer for triple overtime in Game 7 with the puck going off Kiprusoff's goalie pad into the net off of Iggy's stick to knock themselves out of the playoffs is what you cheer for.

if you don't actively cheer for the Flames to lose, are you cheering for them to win?

Matt: Agreed. Plus then Oil fans could laugh at the Flames not making the second around. Again though, unlikely.

Agreed sacamano. The Ducks really did get jobbed there. That was a heck of a goal by Selanne.

BTW... No, you can't cheer for the Flames.

I think there's a consensus here, no way you cheer for the flames. If they lose, then hey, edmonton made it further...

Who cares about all this. Let Calgary burn. Two words:


You absolutely do not cheer for the Flames. I cannot stress this enough.

Would it be awesome to knock them out of the playoffs? Damn right. Would it be just as awesome for the Ducks to do it in the first round? Yes I think it would.

And Matt and I finally agree on something: it would be a lot harder to take out Cgy than SJ. SJ has two lines that can score and a deadly PP but Toskala isn't Kipper and their D is young/inexperience.

Meanwhile we know Calgary has tonnes of junk in their forward corps but Kipper has some wild games against us and Iginla always brings the pain vs Edm. Langkow is an old school Oiler killer as well.

Plus you'd have Sutter convincing his crew to go through walls to beat the Oilers.

A new BOA would be brutal and relentles, IMO. I can't see the winner walking away without playing at least six games and losing at least two regulars.

I'd say SJ would be licking it's chops come the WC Finals.

The solution is thus: the Flames win Game 7 against the Ducks, but lose Kipper for the entire BoA series. I can cheer for that.

It is NEVER, EVER, permissable for a true Oilers fan to cheer for the Flamers. Well except maybe when they are playing the Leafs...

Tonight, my friends from out east told me to cheer for Calgary for a BoA. I told them I'd slit my wrists as a cry for help before cheering for the flames.

You think the Flames were cheering for us tonight to make it to the second round? NO!

I have written extensively on this. Feel free to read here (and sorry for tooting my own horn, but it would take me hours to regurgitate it all). I would agree with the general sentiment that it is never justifiable to do so when your own team has been eliminated. But if the goal is to hope they win so that you can demolish them and their fans for another eon, I say go for it. You think Yankees fans don't WANT to play the Red Sox every single year in the playoffs? You bet your life they do. I want the Flames so that the Oil can crush them, expose them, and decimate them. As such, I feel that wanting them to advance is justified. Situational ethics at its finest.

That being said, I ended up cheering for Anaheim tonight. My heart told me it was just wrong to cheer for Calgary. Natural law at its finest.

I didn't cheer for the Flames against Tampa Bay and I'm not about to start now.

In all these posts I'm sensing a lot of insecurity.

Edmonton may be a prettier town, but Calgary's got it all over you: warmer weather, shorter drive to the mountains, an airport that isn't 50 miles away, more people with the correct amount of fingers/toes/teeth, and a better hockey team.

Why would a town keep all its traffic circles and, instead of converting them to real intersections, just put a bunch of "high collision location" signs on the approaches to them?

The ABC's of hockey:
Anybody Buy Calgary.
Oilers fans should never entertain thoughts of cheering them on. ever.

well, last season when edmonton failed to make the playoffs and calgary went on a tear, i thought i was cheering for calgary. i really did. up until game 6 of the stanley cup finals. i was in london and would get up at one in the morning to watch games that ended at four (and later with bloddy overtime) when i had to leave for work by six but, when it came right down to it, the rationalization was that tampa bay had more canadian players, and thus more worthy of the cup. it had nothing to do with the fact that, with a lockout looming, edmonton fans would be subjected to TWO years of obnoxious bragging from the flames fans. as an edmonton fan living in calgary, it just isn't worth it. calgary losing is as much fun as edmonton winning so, go ducks go. flying v all the way.

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