Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Oilers Playoff Game #3 - I have tix division


The Oilers have put themselves in a heckuva position to take control of this series.

I like the way the Oil responded in Game #2, and especially how they adjusted their non-trap. Horcoff says it all:

We did a better job of getting in on the forecheck a little more," Shawn Horcoff said of adding more pressure to the neutral-zone trap the Oilers employed in the series opener.
I think in Game 1 we tried to sit back a little bit too much, and that's not really our game. That's not what we're trying to do.
The only time we want to sit back is in the neutral zone.
If the Oil can continue to mix it up -- forecheck aggressively when it is possible (i.e., against the Wings 3rd and 4th lines) and play conservatively against the top two lines, they stand a good chance of winning.

Sacamano's Keys to the Game:
Given that I'll be up in the gallery losing my voice, I will not be able to chime in during the game -- but I'll have a bird's eye report for tomorrow.

Go Oil!


Since Auntie Sacamano's not from around there, be sure to let her know that the local ladies will all be wearing their good shoes with their sweatpants. :)

Have fun.

Also, how will the Edmonton crowd respond if Detroit goes up by a couple goals? Will Jennifer Kapitski be able to will some positivity out of the crowd?

How big will the 50/50 pot be? And most importantly, what's the over/under on the number of bathroom references in the Edmonton Sun tomorrow? (Matt's Line: +/- 2.5)

I have ordered RDS so I can view the game. If GG is not playing maybe he can come to my house and translate the commentary for me... Go Oil Disparaissent L'Huile

By the way, if any of you jokers are going to be watching the game at the Elephant and Castle on Whyte, I'll have 2 Free Beer tickets, and 2 Free Appetizer tickts to give away after the game.

Email me if you want them. I'll be the guy in the Oilers sweater.

Matt sure plays the sweatpants card an awful lot for someone who lives in exotic, pulsating Lethbridge.

Hey, I always put on my clean flannel shirt and trucker hat to step out.



As the Oilers scored and I screamed my fricken ass off, my dog actually glared at me for half a minute, looked resigned, then went elsewhere in the house until the noise abated.

Oh noes!! It's teh Stoll!!111!

Fucking playoffs!

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