Thursday, October 27, 2005


Bad times, bad times

Serendipity! The "spitting-mad woman" sitting in front of Sacamano at the Avalanche game has a name, and it's Jennifer Kapitski. I know this because she had a hilarious letter printed in the Edmonton Journal today:
I am writing in regards to the disgusting display from the so-called Oilers fans at the hockey game on Friday night. [...] Not that the Oilers' play lately has been anywhere near excusable, but how would those "fans" perform if 20,000-plus people tore them to pieces over every mistake and miscue made in their daily lives? People whined about the loss of hockey; now that it's back, how about a little faith in your team and a show of support? So I say boo to those "fans" who cheered the Avs as they took the ice in the third period; boo to the "fan" who led the revolting chant "Here we go (expletive), here we go!"; and, to all you fairweather fans, right back at you -- one big, heartfelt BOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Got that, Oiler "fans"? "Here we go (expletive), here we go!" Awesome. I'm also reminded of the old heckle response, "How would you like if I came to where you worked and jumped up and down on the bed?" Kidding, Jennifer! I'm sure you're a wonderful lady.

It's actually a pretty good bunch of letters. Peter Mitchell's missive gets top billing, and rightfully so:
That's when it struck me. The reason the Oilers are such a lame hockey team is that people in Edmonton can't get over having once had a tremendously good team. The current Oilers and Oilers fans are obsessed with the glory days of the Oilers. Oilers from the glory days staff the front office, they make the trades, they find the talent, they coach the team. However wonderful they were as players--and they were--they just aren't very good at what they're doing now. It is possible, isn't it, that the problem we have is that we keep people around not because they do a great job in the front office or behind the bench, but because they did a more-than-great job on the ice 20 years ago.

You don't have to be a grouchy Flames homer to be nodding your head there. The most intriguing suggestion comes from Tracey Lepak:
...Craig Simpson's results as coach of the power play are an absolute failure. Craig MacTavish has had long enough to prove something with little result. I say let him and Simpson go, hire Brian Sutter. He's hard working, dedicated and very competetive. The matchup between Calgary with Darryl Sutter and Edmonton with Brian Sutter would really be something to see.

Indeed, although the Penguins may beat you to him.


I wonder how the Spitting Mad Lady would have felt if she'd been at the bar for that game and heard people screaming "Put in Joey!"

How would you like it if 20,000 people screamed at you every time you bumped into someone or spilled a little beer?


I for won think MacT is a good coach. He managed to get a lot out that team in the last season. I think the problem lies in the development of talent and aquiring talent.

The oil could prove me wrong, but they just don't have a lot in the lineup. If they do make the playoffs this season it will be, in no small part, due to coaching.

That said, Brian Sutter and a defense first approach might be a good fit for the oilers.

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