Thursday, March 30, 2006


Weird Game

Man, I know the Kings have lost a few folks to injury, but they are just a really, really bad team. Perhaps they recognized that the loss to Calgary killed their chances and started the golf season early.

Whatever the reason, the Oil spanked 'em tonight, which was just what the doctor ordered.

In more exciting news, it is Battle of Alberta time again as the Oilers take on the Flames on Hockey Night in Canada. I'm sure a proper post will go up, but it is fantastic to see that the Bible Smack has already begun, harking back to previous BofA's.

Let the games begin.


Would Matt care to provide an update on the following statments:

"Here's an actual prediction: Samsonov will be less productive in his first 20 games as an Oiler than Kristian Huselius was in his 1st 20 as a Flame. They're virtually the same player.

I honestly don't know if Lundmark was brought in to be the 13th forward, or a 2nd-liner. I just know that the difference between his 2 goals and Samsonov's 6 for the rest of the year is hardly worth the fuss made over Sammy (he's not Alexander Ovechkin, folks)."

" I think we need to keep track of Samsonov's and Lundmark's goals going forward, maybe in the sidebar (and also provide updates on Record After Trading Deadline). I hope the discrepancy doesn't embarrass me too badly."

God help me, right now even the part about Samsonov "not being Alexander Ovechkin" is arguable.

Uh-oh Cosh. You know what you just did, right?

And Andy, I'm not even sure what you're getting at. Have you looked at the sidebar?

Which discrepancy would you suggest I be embarrassed about? The one between 1.1 and 1.0 Ppg? The one between 0.36 and 0.33 Gpg? Or the one between -1 and -1? Shurely, you can't be referring to the records...

I'll be back with Tommy's numbers thru 11 shortly.

Of course the sidebar doesn't show Sammy's shootout win or savant skate pass.

Huselius thru 11 games as a Flame:

11GP, 3-8-11, +4, team record 7-3-1

In his 12th, a game I remember fondly, he scored a little goal off of a couple of defenders' legs.

I'll pass on addressing the "intangibles" question.

Plus, aren't half of Lundmark's points from a single game?

When Matt brings up Huselius' points from the first 20 games, perhaps Sacamano should note his points from the following 20. There's quite the discrepancy. Quite.

Yeah, if sacamano wanted to put a giant whammy on Samsonov for the playoffs, he'd do that.

Hey, if Ferraro can say "Shutout, shutout, shutout" during a broadcast with over 5 minutes left in a 4-0 game, then I figure I can point out that Samsonov's point per game figures were achieved by, you know, actually scoring a point per game.

Lundmark and Tommy . . . not so much.

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