Thursday, March 30, 2006


Oilers Game Day - LA [updated]

Season Record: 36-25-12 Season Record: 38-30-5


Does it seem wrong to anyone that LA has more wins and fewer losses than Edmonton, and yet the Oilers are in playoffs and the Kings aren't? Let nobody say that Edmonton doesn't know how to lose the right way.

RiversQ, of IOF, succinctly summarized tonight's game in a comment at a previous post:

I haven't freaked out yet, but it'll be hard to defend anyone remotely connected with the Oilers' organization if they drop any points to a rudderless team playing the 2nd game of a back-to-back on the road.

Indeed it will. Lowetide is concerned that, despite the absurd number of former captains on the Oilers, there is a paucity of real leadership. I guess we'll see for sure tonight.

UPDATE: It seems that MAP will make his NHL debut tonight on a line with Chopper and Fernando.

Scoreboard Watching:


Time to step up.

Thank god Peca is a Free agent. What an absolute waste of time and money! Maybe they shuold have spent some $$$ and gotten a better goalie. Peca doesn't score enough to even give the Oilers a chance to win a game.

I have never been so disappointed in this team and I've been a fan since the days of the Alberta Oilers in the WHA days!

The Oilers are up 4-0 against an important rival. This, of course, signals the opening of the First Seal of the Book of Revelation. Fans should be on the alert for scorpion-lion hybrids, water transforming into blood and/or poison, etc.

Not a bad first half to the game, 4-0, and all the lines are playing well, and Roloson looks sharp. This is definitely more like it.

and is it just me, or was that kick pass with no stick by Samsonov one of the best plays of the season?

See, look, it's right here in Chapter 12: in the last days, the one named Samson shall come from the northeast, and great shall be the lamentations of the Kings from the sunny lands. And the Scarlet Whore shall be sore afraid.

All that is left is for MAP to get his first goal in his first gameand for Roloson to get the no-no, and i'll be going to church tomorrow.

And Samson said, With the jawbone of an ass, heaps upon heaps, with the jaw of an ass have I slain a thousand men.



(AKA Delilah)

Jeez your love affair with the Oil is positively psychotic.

I am surpised none of you wanted to perform some sort of sex act upon Kevin L (whom yesterday you all regarded as some sort of human turd.)

You beat a fading also ran. Get over yourselves.

PS -- Thanks for sealing the deal in regulation.

>You beat a fading also ran. Get over yourselves.

Peter, you sound more nervous than ever. Could it be the Flames 4-5-1 record?

I'm not a bit nervous. Last time I checked (just now) my team was still in first.

It's just that yesterday it was all rending collars and gnashing teeth and today, having knocked off a road weary Kings team (with a buffoon for a coach and which has now dropped out of the race), you guys all seem ready to raise another banner and anoint Samsonov as the second coming of Wayne.

Go Flames.

you guys all seem ready to raise another banner

Fuck no, the standards are a little higher up north. I know you guys had a big do to raise your Western Conference Championship banner but still...that's not the way we roll up north.

Plus, I remind you, you're all of 2 points ahead with 2 games in hand. Say you win both of them and move 6 points ahead. 6 points difference in 74 games...that's what you're crowing about?

5-1, bitch. 5-1.

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