Saturday, February 11, 2006


Olympic Game Day

Be sure to check out Jennifer Heil of Spruce Grove, AB go for the gold in the moguls at 11AM MT; she had the top score in the qualifier earlier in the day.

Also, the women's hockey team kicks off their sked against Italy at half past noon. Go Canada.


Wait... you lost me at "I love Steve Armitage". Let me guess--your father looked a lot like Fred Flintstone and hung around teenage swim meets?

the guy I despise is Williams.

How long does it take for there to be a minor controversy that he blows way out of proportion and spends the next 700 hours talking about rather than talking about the athletes actually competing?

I have trouble mustering up emotion for a moguls skier, but I would definitely advocate a North/South Alberta medal count on the main page of this site.

Well, I am sure with all those amazing facilities that are in Calgary, athletes from that area will come out in front. Right, Matt?

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