Thursday, December 01, 2005


Barely Averted Disaster

[Background to the scene]

Bob Sacamano has had a tough day. He arrives home a bit later than he was hoping, flips on the Tee-Vee, and discovers that it is already 2-1 Oilers. He's a little bummed that he missed so much action, but is pleased that the Oil are in the lead--afterall there are still two and a half periods to watch on the old telly.

The rest of the first period is pretty uneventful, and during the intermission Sac putters around the apartment, just killing time until the next period starts.

[Aaaaand action . . . ]

Dumb Bob: "This really looks like a good game. Why can't we ever get tickets for these kinds of match-ups?
Mrs Sacamano: "Luck of the draw, I guess. When is the next game we have tickets for anyway?"
Dumb Bob: "I dunno, sometime in December."
Mrs Sacamano: "You know that it is December, right?"
Dumb Bob: "Uhhhh. What? Boy, that would sure suck if we had tickets for tonight's game, eh?"
Dumb Bob (after checking tickets): "Ah crap!"
Mrs Sacamano: "They just dropped the puck for the second period . . ."
Dumb Bob: [various expletives]
Mrs Sacamano: "Ok, calm down, get your jacket if we leave now we can at least make the third period.
Dumb Bob: [various expletives]
Mrs. Sacamano: "Don't be such a baby, just get your jacket.
Dumb Bob: [various expletives]

. . .

Mrs. Sac prevailed and we did, indeed, make it to Rexall in time to catch the third period. I even heard the Oil's third goal on the radio in the car, although I missed the Vancouver goal since we were walking through the snow at the time. A word of advice: you can really avoid the traffic by showing up to the Oilers games at the end of the second period, but you sure have to walk a long way if you still expect to park for free.

I don't think I've ever been so nervous at a game. I was just sure that the Oilers were going to blow the lead, thus ensuring the worst all time three-game ticket package. However, the boys pulled it off and redemed the entire season for me. As usual, Mrs. Sac made the right call. I never would have forgiven myself if I had totally missed the only chance of watching the team actually win a game.

After all that I really can't comment on the game. It is suprisingly hard to get into the flow when you watch half of the first period on tv, listen to half of the second period in the car while driving in extreme agitation, and watching the third period in person waiting all the while for the penny to drop.


Oh crap. You realize that now, whenever you have tickets, you'll have to keep missing the first two periods or else you'll jinx us. Things didn't go so well when you showed up for the whole game.

Thank goodness my Oilers ticket budget has now been blown and I will be watching the rest from the comfort of home.

You are so hapless sometimes, dude. Great story. It reminded me fondly on the airport tale on your old blog (which btw is no longer 404 - some entrepreneurial lady has taken up space on your old URL, to leech off the benefits of your massive traffic).

Flames just traded Montador for Kristian Huselius of the Panthers.

I hate cheering for players whose names I can't pronounce.

Holy Smokes! I just took it down like three days ago so I could rebuild the look of it.

Man. That was such a great name too. Brutal.

I bet she already has more hits than I had over the entire life of the thing.

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