Saturday, October 22, 2005


Crowd Magic

Look. Mrs. Sacamano and I are not rich people. If we save our pennies and don't eat meat, we can scrape together enough money to attend one game per month. We circle the date on our calendar, dress up, go for dinner--in short, we make an evening of it. Last night was our evening.

Now, you have to understand that Mrs. Sacamano--while she likes the Oilers (especially Raffi Torres for some reason)--doesn't have an unhealthy obsession for the team like the rest of us. For example, one thing that drives her absolutely bananas is when we go to the game, and then return home and I pull up the tv highlights of the same game. She finds it . . . infuriating. Another thing that drives her nuts is the term "special teams." She just thinks it's ridiculous.

In any case, what this boils down to is that when the Oilers lose I tend to get disproportionately grumpier than she does, which makes for a less than enjoyable evening out for her.

So, when the Oilers got down early, I decided that I wasn't going to invest in them emotionally for the rest of the game - just to preserve my own marital relations.

Instead of watching the game and seething about my lost money, I started watching referee Mick McGeough. He's actually pretty entertaining.

Of course, a blowout like that one always brings out the best in a crowd. Here are some of the highlights:

After all this, we get home and what do I do? Flip on the TV to catch the highlights - at the precise moment when they have a graphic up entitled "Oilers Special Teams Woes."

Mrs. Sacamano blows a gasket and heads directly to bed.

Welcome to the New NHL

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