Thursday, October 20, 2005


More money to the owners, please!

Lord knows I love Roenick, but I think he is going even more bananas than usual.

I'll definitely agree with him the new CBA is an imbalanced "partnership", but this comment is baffling:

"The owners can sit there and do giveaways and lower ticket prices to get the fans back to the game knowing that what they are really doing is taking it out of our pockets."

In other words, he doesn't like the new CBA -- not because it takes more money out of the players' pockets, but because that money is going towards cheaper ticket prices instead of directly into the owners' pockets.

As someone who occasionally buys tickets I'm supposed to care about this because . . . why?

I'm not sure what he wants: that the owners should take the money, or that players should be given more credit for cheaper ticket prices?

If it is the latter, okay: Hey, thanks Jeremy. I really appreciate all of your efforts on behalf of NHL hockey fans to lower ticket prices, increase the number of promotions and giveaways, and just for being such an all-around great guy. You're the best, buddy.


From living in Arizona while Roenick was a Coyote, I think sometimes he will say something just to get his name in the paper. "Hey look kids, I said something mean and now it's in print!" He may be bitter, but he still drives his $70,000 vehicle to the rink and back. Lucky!

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