Tuesday, May 17, 2022


Where's Fenwick?


Ahhh, hell. It sure is good to see the old gang back in the comment thread. And welcome to the newbies. 

I'm sure Fenwick will make a grand appearance sooner rather than later. I have two explanations for his current absence.

In my first bit of successful gamesmanship, I didn't actually tell Matt that I was going to blow the dust off this blog and fire up the generator. It's entirely possible that he first found out from Kent's tweet. So chalk up one point to Sacamano: I've got Fenwick mentally rattled already. But, honestly, the dude ran a blog called "Battle of Alberta" on which he posted almost daily for like 8 years. And he doesn't think to even check in on it when there is an honest to goodness Battle of Alberta scheduled?  

Anyway, besides his mental game, I suspect he's also currently a broken physical specimen. My sources tell me he spent last weekend learning how to install luxury vinyl flooring. And folks, I've watched his curling slide every Thursday for the last 10 years from October thru March, and I'm here to tell you that there is no way in hell he has the ligaments, cartilage, or synovial fluid to pull that off without consequences.

I'm sure after he melts another bag or 10 of frozen peas, he'll be able to crawl to his computer to join the party.  

In the meantime, what are we going to do about the Tkachuks?  I'm guessing that circus is going to be one of the more entertaining storylines in this series.  


"I've got Fenwick mentally rattled already."
Always stay ahead of your enemy.
I'm giggling.
I love this place.

Save your pity! I'll enter the fray when I'm good and goddamn ready.

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