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It's supposed to be fun


I was reminded today that some people's relationship with their local sports team is pretty unhealthy, and that this long-awaited Battle of Alberta is just bad for them and everyone around them. The people reading this aren't the ones who need to hear it, however, it's possible that you'll be around someone who does. And at my stage in life, I do think there are some behaviours that need to be called out, not shrugged off, even when the person is wearing the same colours as you. 

That is my commitment to you, the reader: if I see a Flames fan behaving towards an Oilers fan in a way that, if it was on video, would prompt the team to be embarrassed at the connection, I'll say something. 

The biggest example is probably shouting obscenities. Just simmer down. If I point out that Johnny Gaudreau is actually a better player 5v5 than Connor McDavid, go ahead and call me a dipshit homer, but don't scream at me that I'm a m*****f****ng c**t. My factual observation will technically have no bearing on the outcome of the game! For some more examples, Mike Pfeil's list partway through the latest Scorchstack (subscribe!) is pretty good, and by that I mean, WTF.

It's supposed to be fun. Sacamano is one of my best and oldest friends, and I promise you that'll still be the case two weeks from now. Lowetide and Bruce McCurdy are probably the two most knowledgeable hockey writers I know, and I've delighted in reading them for 15+ years now. Hell, the reason I know the heads of analytics for two different NHL teams is because, back when they were amateurs and Oil fans, we played nice together on the internet!

Anyway! Series predictions:

*Bad goaltending. Both teams (both series!) had excellent goaltending in Rd1, and this just seems ripe to overcorrect. Bad Mike Smith is probably (OK, definitely) worse than Bad Jacob Markstrom, but either one could lose a game on their own, and probably will.

*Tame Matthew Tkachuk. Not ineffective, mind you, just tame. He started the Stars series by aggressively mixing it up with Klingberg and others, and it had the opposite effect that you'd hope on his play -- he was pretty much a dud until G7. He'll learn from that this series.

*Johnny. When you include the PP and 3v3, McDavid is probably in a league of his own. But Johnny Gaudreau is just an incredible threat right now at 5v5. He will be at least as impressive as #97 at even-strength, and quite possibly more.

*Result. I think Flames in 6. One win for the Oilers when they earn it, one when they don't, and the other four for the Flames.

As for tonight, I actually like a convincing win for the Flames, where they get and keep at least a 2-goal lead for the second half of the game. (Then the trouble comes in G2, when they're a bit fat & happy, plus off the momentum crest of the Rd1 win.) Call it 5-2 Flames, with Thursday featuring a bunch of articles to the effect of, "Are we sure the Oilers have the best player in this series?"

HAVE A GREAT TIME, EVERYBODY! And of course, Go Flames.


I'm just excited to be able to finally feel something again.

If we're being honest, Chiarelli's mismanagement of the Oilers has almost killed whatever love I had for the franchise which came 1 win away from the Stanley Cup in 2006.

I haven't bought a piece of Oilers merchandise for years because I didn't want to support blatant ineptitude. No team in the NHL had as much luck in the draft lottery in the mid-2010s than the Oilers did. NONE. It's pathetic that they were able to draft that much raw talent and then not accomplish anything outside of that one run in year one of the Milan Lucic contract and to then not win again until last month.

It should be a source of shame. I mentally checked out years ago after seeing a team with two of the best players in the world on cap-friendly contracts fail to win in (or even make it to) the post-season again and again.

But not tonight. Tonight, I get to see a meaningful BoA game. Tonight, I get to see my team take on the human manifestation of the Chiarelli era of the Oilers in Milan Lucic. I'm sure he's a great guy and I don't begrudge him for inking that contract with us or failing to even remotely come close to living up to it. He wasn't good enough to live up to the contract, but I'm pretty sure he tried his best.

That being said, if he has any sort of success in this series, I will be apoplectic with rage. yeah. It's nice to have my favourite sports team actually make me feel something again after all these years.

I'm watching the game and out of curiosity I came here and I find that it's is up and running again. Well done boys! One of my fondest memories of this blog was the pics of Sacamano shaving his playoff beard in 2006.

Sooo...pretty great game, right?

Ahhh yes. I might have to pull out the beard posts to change some mojo if this kind of play keeps up.

It certainly lived up to the hype.

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