Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Battle of Alberta Game Day #4


I'm not gonna lie. I had other fun stuff going on Sunday night, so I only watched highlights for Game 3. Looked pretty fun! Since Matt didn't have anything to say after the game, I'm guessing he watched the whole thing.

By all accounts, that's the type of complete game that could give a fan hope that this thing might be legit. Tkachuk, Andersson, et al. are making a lot of hay about how they are getting beat by just one guy. So, obviously this means that they are going to over-concentrate on McDavid tonight, which will end up being totally counter-productive. 

“Back to the drawing board and figure out a way to stop him next game." - Tkachuk

It's never a good sign when a team's discourse changes from "We've gotta get back to doing the things we do well" to "We've got to invent something new". I'm guessing McDavid has been facing qunituple teaming and all kinds of other smoke-and-mirror defensive schemes  since his parents had to tie his skates. I doubt the Flames are going to be able to throw anything at him he hasn't seen before: the difference is that he will know how to deal with that, while they'll be trying some things that are a bit unfamiliar to them.

And that, of course, will just open up even more time and space for others. And look, one thing that distinguishes a great player from a good one is that great ones need less time and space to be effective. We've all seen what McDavid, Kane & Draisaitl can do in tight quarters. But I bet tonight we see some really good players, who need just a fraction more time/space, start to look great.  

I'm going with 5-2 Oilers, with 3 of those goals coming from a combination of: Nuge, Puljujarvi, Foegele & Barrie.  And then the Flames Fans will be all like, "I can't believe we let Warren Foegele beat us. Warren Foegele!"



Go Flames!!

PS, thrilled to see the old blog back.

PPS Go Flames!!!

I would just like to point out to how close your prediction was. Bravo!

I’m thoroughly enjoying the thought of the discomfort Flamez fans are likely going to bed and waking up with.

For reference sake (because the comparison was made before the series started) and for sake of upping the BoA trash talk…

Guhdroh has the same or less points than 5 Oilers and *zero* goals. Pretty hard to be competitive in a series when your “best player” is doing an unenviable impression of the invisible man. 😂

-jeremy snickers mercilessly-

As long as the Flames have the puck on their stick on their own side of center they are a threat to score.

Go Flamez!!

Stay south Calgary, stay south.

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