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Last time the Oilers finished ahead of the Flames in the standings: 2002-2003
Closest since then: 2005-2006 (8 points back)

Last time the Oilers finished first in their division: 1986-87
Closest since then: 1987-88 (6 points back)
Closest since the NW Division was created in 1998-99: 1999-2000 & 2005-2006 (8 points back)
Position of OKC Barons in their AHL division (there are 6) the day the lockout ended and Eberle/Hall/Schultz were scratched: 3rd

Most sensible Oil fans are consciously tempering their own expectations.This can't be easy, given that the Oilers have five guys age 18-22 who are very likely to be above-average NHL players in their primes. There is probably no other franchise in the league that can say that.  But the only thing a heap of young talent guarantees you is pre-season hope. Hope! Hope, that the Oilers will compete for a playoff spot, not unlike what 22-25 teams do every season.

Show me.


Couldn't agree more... Even Ralph Krueger noted that his team that finished 29th last year has only added 2 players (said this prior to the Fistric deal) both of whom are teenagers..

If I am a Oiler fan (which i am not) I am very excited about the future, the future just may not be June or even end of April 2013

Excuse me? **alosersayswhat**

I'd say the past two games with the Flames being out scored 12-3 in the past two games by these "Losers"

Sure they are young and lack discipline, but they are keeping it together. Meanwhile, the Flames are having an "Everything Must Go" fire sale (except for Kipper)

I think it's time to retire the "Losers" logo for a little bit, don't you think?

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