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Last time the Oilers finished ahead of the Flames in the standings: 2002-2003
Closest since then: 2005-2006 (8 points back)

Last time the Oilers finished first in their division: 1986-87
Closest since then: 1987-88 (6 points back)
Closest since the NW Division was created in 1998-99: 1999-2000 & 2005-2006 (8 points back)
Position of OKC Barons in their AHL division (there are 6) the day the lockout ended and Eberle/Hall/Schultz were scratched: 3rd

Most sensible Oil fans are consciously tempering their own expectations.This can't be easy, given that the Oilers have five guys age 18-22 who are very likely to be above-average NHL players in their primes. There is probably no other franchise in the league that can say that.  But the only thing a heap of young talent guarantees you is pre-season hope. Hope! Hope, that the Oilers will compete for a playoff spot, not unlike what 22-25 teams do every season.

Show me.


Couldn't agree more... Even Ralph Krueger noted that his team that finished 29th last year has only added 2 players (said this prior to the Fistric deal) both of whom are teenagers..

If I am a Oiler fan (which i am not) I am very excited about the future, the future just may not be June or even end of April 2013

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