Thursday, March 11, 2010


Injured by Matt Cooke

Daymond Langkow, November 2007 -- concussion (hit from behind into boards)

James Wisniewski, November 2007 -- concussion, face stitches (hit from behind into boards)

Petteri Nummelin, November 2007 -- concussion, broken nose (hit from behind into boards)

Scott Walker, January 2009 -- concussion

Zach Bogosian, March 2009 -- knee

Eric Cole, May 2009 -- knee

Shean Donovan, November 2009 -- torn ACL

Artem Anisimov, November 2009 -- "bell rung"

This is all before Marc Savard, March 2010, and I doubt it's exhaustive (if I missed any, please advise in the Comments).

My take on "respect" is that, both in the old days and today, the large majority of players have it for one another, and a notable few do not. Matt Cooke is one of those few. He is not entitled to the benefit of the doubt -- indeed, if there's one person who you could justify suspending for intent to injure on a legal hit, it's him -- and anyone who's ever employed him, or defended him in earnest, is part of the problem.


Haven't looked at the other hits, but the one on Anisimov reminds me of something. Can't put my finger on it. Damn.

Seriously, it's the same, exact freaking play. Just as Carter tried on Ovechkin the same, exact freaking play he mad eon Cooke a few days earlier.

Vinny Lecavalier - April 2008 - shoulder surgery on a late hit by Cooker. $2500 fine and shoulda been a suspension.

Here is another.

Roy's not quite a superstar or anything, but that's a pretty nasty, obvious boarding.

It feels like Cherry took his marching orders from you here, Matt.

Anybody seen Gerry Aldini?

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