Monday, November 23, 2009


A reading from the Book of Kevin

In light of this post by Tyler, and Kevin Smith's visit to Rexall this evening, an excerpt from Champions: The Making of The Edmonton Oilers by Kevin Lowe with Stan and Shirley Fischler.

"The evidence of our youthfulness was everywhere but nowhere more than in the dressing room where the music blared as if it were coming from a disco.

The orchestrators, essentially, were Messier, Lowe and Coffee although many others--Ken Linseman in particular for a short but significant period--produced tapes. A song called 'Jeopardy' was a big hit for some time....

...Certain guys--Glennie, Mess, Wayne, myself, Paul and Semenk--would get outwardly excited about the music. We'd put on 'Jeopardy', which has a real nice beat to it, and all of a sudden everyone would be clapping to the music. It was spontaneous. Guys would be standing around, taping their sticks, adjusting their equipment, doing routine stuff when the music would get going and everyone would start to clap.

Even the guys who one wouldn't figure would get so involved because they were the older guard actually were moved by the music. Fogie, for one, liked rock n' roll although he doesn't look like rock n' roller. It really got him fired up and Randy, the doctor, who some thought was out of place on the team, was the same way."

I particularly like how Lowe refers to himself in both the third and first person on the same page. Andy likes it so much, he has a couple of accompanying videos for everyone.




How about the classic weird Al tribute?

I loved the slow mo walk.

Pat always pretends he is walking in slow mo, while a cheesy 80s song plays.

I like these videos, finally a breathe of fresh air after being sent violent ones the past couple of weeks when all I was constantly searching for were lectures about DIY drywall repairs in Calgary.

Lowe (allegedly) says: "The evidence of our if it were...."

Uh, yah.

I honestly thought Stan Fischler had died of old age about 20 years ago.

Nice to see he's got his wife ghost-writing the books he ghost writes for hockey players.

I honestly thought Stan Fischler had died of old age about 20 years ago.

The book is over 20 years old. I've had it since I was a kid.

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