Sunday, August 23, 2009


Good News and Bad News

Good news:

Three quarters (76%) of Edmontonians ‘disagree’ (46% strongly/31% somewhat) that ‘The City should provide taxpayer’s money for a new Hockey Arena. With nearly one half strongly disagreeing with this notion, it is unlikely that further debate on the issue would make them more receptive of the idea.

Very interesting breakdown here.

The bad news? Oilers fans have to watch this lineup starting October 3rd.

***Update*** Professor Brad Humphreys has posted some quick thoughts on the International Journal of Sports Finance blog.



Watch as I fax the results of this poll to Patrick LaForge, followed by some obscene doodles.

If they had a new arena, the team would be better.

If they had a new arena, the team would be better.

True story. Look at the Pirates and Mariners.

Plus think of all the new concession food and the wider concourse.

Taking a look at that breakdown, I thought there would be way more imbalance between men and women. But it's pretty even down the board.

am i the only nerd who read the sentence "With nearly one half strongly disagreeing with this notion" and immediately noted that he likely made an error in conditional probability (i.e. - he saw 46%, but the total number who strongly disagree is actually .46*.76= 34.96%)?

Hey, they don't really have to watch. Any likelihood of the sellout streak ending?

Yes, Sunny, you are. But I'm glad you saw it. How does that work? If you look at the breakdown, 201 of 440 people "strongly disagree." Isn't that 46%?

Hey, they don't really have to watch.

True. That's been my plan for a year, and I don't see it changing. People should be consuming less Oilers product right now, not more.

Agreed, Andy. That may be the only thing that could get management's attention.

Well, now we know which three-quarters of the population to sacrifice in the inevitable blood purge to become a World Class City.

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So then, if we like hockey, is there any other team to blog about?

How about the Florida Panthers? I don't believe they're taken. Also fan-free since 1996 or so.

The Columbus Blue Jackets, guys. I mean, Scott Howson is the only reason you need. And if he's not, then Raffi Torres probably is.

I think we should find agents and declares ourselves free agents, Mike.

The Flames could always use more bloggers ;)

That is one depressing lineup.

Just think, it took MacT eight full seasons to get the roster to reach that level.

Never underestimate a politician's willingness to spend your money to get his name on a plaque.

Who's these andy grabia guy? Is he the new Flames guy?

Picking a team (or a team picking you, by way of location) is a life long commitment. Think of it as a marriage - to have and to hold, for better or for worse. The good times are made that much sweeter because you stuck it out during the tough times. Think 2006 after the previous 15 years of fail. Sorry boys but only cowards and people with such low self esteem, that their teams success/failure on and off the ice directly effects their self worth are the ones who change teams when the tough times roll through. And I know you guys are better than that.

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