Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Any idea when the NHL decided that 4 games in 5 nights was OK? I don't recall ever seeing it before. The league has done all manners of loony things with the schedule, but has never (again, to my recollection, and I do pay attention to these things) okayed
  1. 3 games in 3 nights
  2. 4 games in 5 nights
The Flames do it twice this season: December 27/28/30/31, and January 5/6/8/9. (That also makes 9 games in 14 nights, which I would also submit is unusual.)


And the second one is four games in five nights in four cities.

If they're going to pull this shit, maybe we should have double-headers?

Blame the Olympics...Iginla, as many as 3 Flames D, and possibly Kipper & Jokinen, will get no rest.

Certainly never seen that before.

Especially the 4 cities in 5 nights part is just plain nasty.


I think it'd be neat, especially in the travel heavy Western conference, if they had some divisional back to backs where the home team stays at home for both games. 3 games series a la baseball is probably pushing it, but I don't see the problem of showing up to see the Flames or Wild two nights in a row.

I don't see the problem of showing up to see the ... Wild two nights in a row.

Oh, I do.

And No BofA's to end the season. Or even after January. Did I read that correctly?

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