Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Seen at Game 82


At least we don't play our games at what has been called a potato chip. (this was a childish reaction)
This link is dedicated to lover of all arena debates, Mr. Grabia.

Has Andy seen the Herald poll asking whether the "aging" Saddledome (b. 1983) should be replaced by a new, $500M facility?

That even 30% of respondents thought this was a good idea says how Goddamned stupid some people are.

Sorry, on topic: well played, sir. Should we save you a tee time for, say, a week from Monday?


Potato chip is the least of Maxi-pad Saddledome's colourful nicknames.

Thirty percent? Doesn't surprise me. When I was young, I thought it was a great idea to build new stadiums and hockey arenas.

Then I started working for a living and having to pay taxes.

I don't read the Fishwrap, but unless it's a scientifically valid poll, it's about as credible as a Sporstnet Question of the Day, or whatever they call it.

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