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Why Calgary? It HAS to be Calgary.

As the Oilers chances at a playoff spot get better and better, the mind naturally starts to turn towards the most desirable opponent for the Oilers. As I see it, they're going to be the decided underdog against anyone. They're most likely going to lose and lose quickly. It just isn't a particularly good team.

With that said, the opponent might as well be Calgary. Two reasons really. First of all, the Flames should win this hypothetical series. If the universe unfolds as it should, they will. No real bragging rights for Calgary would accrue from beating the hapless Oilers. On the other hand...if Roloson started channeling his (slightly) younger self, if Olli Jokinen is the chemistry destroying Nazi war criminal that the NHL media would have you believe that he is, if Dion Phaneuf continues to show himself to be the consumate Calgary Flame what with his playoff immolation...well, if Edmonton somehow even pushed the series to six games, that would basically be a win. If they actually WON the series, they might as well just move the Flames to Red Deer or something and try and convince the more successful Sutter to leave New Jersey and run the team. It's hard to think of a loss that would be more humiliating for the Flames than going down in defeat to this particular bunch of Oilers.

Unlikely? Certainly. BUT: Calgary hasn't won a playoff series in which they've had home ice advantage since 1989. They've had trouble winning playoff series generally, but particularly in the early to mid 1990's, they suffered some simply horrific losses. For obvious reasons, I've cued up the relevant videos:

1990: Calgary 99 points, +83 goal differential vs. Los Angeles, 75 points, +1 goal differential

Can't find any video of this unfortunately. If you know where I can find video of Krushelnyski managing to get the puck about a foot off the ice to score the OT winner while Mike Vernon waves his comically short arms at the puck, let me know.

1991: Calgary 100 points, +81 goal differential vs. Edmonton, 80 points, 0 goal differential

(At 1:28)

1993: Calgary 97 points, +40 goal differential vs. Los Angeles, 88 points, -2 goal differential

1994: Calgary 97 points, +46 goal differential vs. Vancouver 85 points +3 goal differential

1995: Calgary 55 points, +28 goal differential vs. San Jose 42 points, -32 goal differential

2006: Calgary 103 points, +18 goal differential vs. Anaheim 98 points, +25 goal differential

"Home ice advantage is EVERYTHING! Flames fans, tonight your team needs you. They need your loyalty, they need your heart and most of all they need your deafening cheers."

Didn't seem to matter.

Go Flames. (Until April 11.)


Beauty. Absolute beauty. It must be so, with the W coming in G7-OT on a goal from Strudwick after a 5-minute PK ends and he is sent in on a breakaway on a Nilsson pass that bounces perfectly at Jason's feet after hitting Penner square on the ass.

Roger Millions emerges naked and sings "Summer Wind" ala the Simpsons and the Kotexdome explodes.

Also, just out of curiosity: what in the hell was Vernon doing on that 1989 goal? Trying to prevent Tikkanen from throwing it into the far corner?

I think he mis-remembered trajectory.

1991 goal...

Ahhh Esa, what a beautiful goal. Bring on the Lames!

When we do play the Flames... because we will play the Flames... some enterprising soul has to edit together a clip show of Flames playoff chokage with "Private Eyes" as the background music.

1994, Bure.

I think I just wet myself.

I still write in Tikkanen's name at every Edmonton mayoral election.

This is a great post and everything, but what are you doing here Tyler?

I just thought a post like this really ought to be posted at BoA.

I was actually a Flames fan as a youngster. God, that was an horific series of losses. One of those losses is the nineties would be soul shattering. Five of them? Incredible.

It's time for another. ;)

Of course they're going to draw the Flames, just because the atmosphere around the city will be downright insane, a party of epic proportions... I work four weeks of 12-hour a night, 7 nights a week night shift from April 13th to May 2nd or thereabouts. Fuck.

Ok, I might be picking at a very old scab here.....but on that 1994 video, I always ask myself the same question when I see a replay of that goal: how the hell was Bure deemed onside there?

I've got a pretty decent story about G7 in '91 that I'll break out some other time but whenever I see the clip of Tikk's goal, I always remembered getting choked up that night watching Mess limping off the bench.

LT: A very nice job on the Martin Prince quip:)

I heard old Edmontonian Rob Kerr's become quite a tool as well so I dare say that if the impossible;) happened, him and Millions would go on a bender that would put Mick and Keith to shame.

A Moonlight Mile to substitute for a Red Mile...

Also, just out of curiosity: what in the hell was Vernon doing on that [1991] goal?

I assume he got so caught up in following the play he lost his bearings against the net. I've done that before.

In intramural soccer.


Best of luck to the Calgary Flames this playoff season.

And Esa was a beauty.

Great and hilarious post. And only fitting that you posted it on the day when the Canucks might have moved closer to overtaking the Flames. But didn't, managing to score on themselves twice, including once into an open net on a delayed penalty call--credited to none other than the guy who was penalized! (Btw, has that ever happened before?)

That kind of spooky stuff only happens for a reason. Like the man said, it HAS to be Calgary.

Sorry Matt, it did look like Calgary was getting its ducks in a row...

Besides all that, of the top 4 seeds I think Calgary is the worst on paper.

Kyle said...
Besides all that, of the top 4 seeds I think Calgary is the worst on paper.

On paper, or by the numbers, I'd take Calgary over Chicago pretty easily.

That Tikkanen video is pure comedy. You have to love the Finns.

That slash on Lindros was straight out of Slap Shot.

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