Friday, January 30, 2009


Friday Baseball Standings

Tonight the Flames host the Nashville Predators (7PM MT, RSN West) in their final meeting of the season. I think the Flames will win. I don't know what the score will be or who will get the goals, but I know this: Wednesday was Todd Bertuzzi's best all-around game as a Flame. He's covering the 1-year/$1.9M bet for sure, but in that game, he looked like The Myth of Bertuzzi made real: big and unstoppable with the puck.

Go Flames.


Nashville's just toast. Their depth has finally been eroded to the point that they can't claw into the playoffs.

Sad to see, actually.

It's funny how the East is largely settled -- unless something catastrophic happens to the Habs, Flyers, or Rangers, they're all in, leaving basically four teams for two spots -- while the West is shaping up to be a war of attrition on par with World War I, with at least seven teams (eight if you count LA) having a reasonable chance.

Never has the 2.3-point game been more important.

Hey look, something catastrophic happened to Montreal. I have awesome timing.

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