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Here's an interesting little table, I think:

Line C is the total results for Jarome Iginla and Todd Bertuzzi playing together at even strength. It is also, as you can see, the sum of A and B. The interesting part is that A is "With Langkow" and B is "Without Langkow".

Iginla's individual results with and w/o Langkow shake out the same way. So do Bertuzzi's.

I'm really not sure whether to be blown away by Langkow, concerned about Boyd & Lombardi, or petrified about Iginla.

Iginla's numbers with Boyd and Lombardi (and Cammalleri) are fine, actually. It's the time with #24 Conroy where he's really getting nuked.

Some of this is quality of competition -- Keenan doesn't reunite these two for the purpose of exploiting soft minutes -- and I'm sure a bunch of it is on the road, too.


Wow, that's quite the differential.

What are the Cammalleri+iginla splits looking like a wonder? They've spent some time together and, besides the Cammalleri hat trick, the results seem underwhelming.

The lesson here is keep Conroy and Bertuzzi away from Iginla because they can't handle the competition Iginla faces.

Langkow on the other hand obviously can.

It's the time with #24 Conroy where he's really getting nuked.

Im shocked by this news. Shocked!

Of course, in true Keenanian fashion, Iron Mike refuses to acknowledge that Conroy+Iginla versus the big guns doesn't work.

Didn't catch the post before your update but I am glad you also looked at Iginla with and without other Flames and gave a thought to how assignments change for different line combo's. As an Oiler fan I actually feel strangely ambivalent about the Flames so far this year so good post and carry on.

Wake up Battle of Alberta!

There is more arena news!

"It is imperative that the Oilers have a new building," [Gary Bettman] said. "It can become an economic engine. It can attract tourists. It is critical both for the future of the Oilers and the city.

"Yes, the team is good shape, but you have to look into the future. This is a city and a team that vitally need a new building."

Asked where the arena should be located, Bettman unequivocally replied "Downtown!" When asked why, he said, "Because it has to be downtown!"

I only made up the last bit.

Shit, you beat me to it.

I would never have figured out that you made that last bit up on your own. Spoilers!

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