Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Friday Baseball Standings (I see the future!)

Not a bad Christmas to be a Flames fan. They're 3 games clear of 9th, have a 1-game NW lead, and have home games against Ottawa, Minnesota, and the 'chuk to close out December. I'm so pleased, I may just kick back and have a hot dog.

Enjoy your time with your own families, and have a Very Merry Christmas.


I take it mini-Matt enjoyed his first game at the 'Dome?

Sure did, though you could tell in the 3rd that his usual bedtime is ~ the 1st intermission.

I'm an Oilers fan and my nephew is a Flames fan, an increasingly obnoxious Flames fan. Does anyone know the record of Flames vs. Oilers since both teams were in the NHL?

Lisa in Hinton

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