Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Flames Game Day

Flames @ Blues, 630PM MT, RSN West

The lads head into St. Louis for the first time since last Friday -- should be great!!! Jamie "Schremp + 5 years" Lundmark has been called up to sub in for GlenX (who is out with a leg); he earned the callup on the strength of some nice counting numbers and the AHL Player of the Month award for November.

Calgary looked quite a bit stronger than St. Louise on the 5th, so barring too many trips to the penalty box, they have a terrific chance to win. I'll say they do so by a convincing 4-1 margin (Lundmark, Iginla, Cammaleri, Giordano, and that giant young Swedish guy (phrase not used to lure in Google searchers, I swear)). Go Flames.

P.S. This Gary Bettman-as-Lyle Lanley moment has been duly noted:
National Hockey League commissioner Gary Bettman is convinced the Edmonton Oilers need a new downtown arena.

"It is imperative that the Oilers have a new building," he said. "It can become an economic engine. It can attract tourists. It is critical both for the future of the Oilers and the city.

"Yes, the team is good shape, but you have to look into the future. This is a city and a team that vitally need a new building."

I wish the Commissioner would confine his remarks about 'need' and what's 'imperative' to the Oilers. What Gary Bettman doesn't know about the City of Edmonton could fill a river valley.


Typical Bettman. My BS meter goes off the charts any time I hear him speak about anything.

Lyle Lanley, too funny. Best. Episode. Ever.

I'm actually cool with the idea of a new arena, though hopefully with very little public money. they're the cathedrals of the new world, or so I tell yself. Which makes it even worse to see every dubious bugger in the world take a pro-arena stance.

I still think the Simpson's episode from a week ago or so (Burns building the new Basketball arena) is a little too close to home. What, nobody's with me?

In fairness, I think that Calgary needs a new arena too. Sure, the team's in good shape, but you have to look to the future, particularly with Edmonton getting an arena. How is Calgary going to compete for tourists and events with the new rink in Edmonton?

Is there still Oilers material being posted on this site? or is just a Flames site now?

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