Saturday, November 08, 2008


Hello, Goodbye

Welcome to the Battle of Alberta, Mike Winters. That now gives this site five authorized Oilers writers (Sacamano, Grabia, Cosh, Dellow and Winters), and one Flames writer (Fenwick). Something about that ratio seems familiar, and comfortable...

From Covered in Oil's very first post, July 20, 2005:

"I intend for this blog to be something close to hockey chatter, but it also might echo a faint sense of what being a hockey fan in Edmonton might mean, in that wistful Ken-Dryden-The-Game malaise sense of the word. Like, almost literary or something.

That said, if you were to look for an "angle" an ideological "bent" coming from this blog, it would certainly be this: the sports media in Edmonton offer nothing more than piffle designed to reflect what Oilers ownership wants them to say. At best, they're cheerleaders, paid fans even, and never offer any investigative journalism to speak of. And I'm fine with that. As for Oilers ownership, they've gotten a free ride on this "small market" business for too long. The truth is we don't know how much the Oilers actually make, and being a private company we'll probably never find out. But signs would point to a team that isn't doing half bad."

From Covered in Oil's second post, July 21, 2005:

"Since we now live in different cities, the days of us going to Scholar's and eating shitty wings while Mike pounds on the table and hollers at the TV are, sadly, over. But thanks this modern world of ours, we can do all that here instead. Except, I guess, eat chicken wings.

Anyhow, enjoy, fuckers.

And go Oilers. Please."

Mike, Chris and Dave never strayed from that vision, or that sense of humour, and that's why their blog is/was the envy of all the other blogs in the Oilogosphere (and beyond). If this is the end, they'll be sadly missed. Thanks for brightening my world, fellas.


Hey, Winters, two minutes for looking so good!

A welcome addition, even though I was enjoying the (short lived) Flames-centricity of BoA.

My my, maybe now with 5 authorized Oilers members, there will be an even distribution of Oilers to Flames articles for us to peruse.

You're doin' a bang-up job Matt.

My my, maybe now with 5 authorized Oilers members, there will be an even distribution of Oilers to Flames articles for us to peruse.

With the sheer quantity of Oilers blogs, a lack of Oiler articles here isn't an issue. The Flames blogroll is shorter, that's for sure.

Gotta say though, Five Hole Fanatics has become part of my daily rotation. Kent's doing some good work there.

Sad to see CiO wrapping up, but these things are inevitable I suppose. The upside is that maybe we get to see some of those brilliant comic renderings over here at BoA now. Also, maybe Mike coming over here will energize Andy. Matt does a great job but I really miss Andy's contributions. Best of luck guys!

Thanks hbomb.

I have a sneaking suspicion that a large portion of my readership is actually Oilers fans.

Waaaait a minute... ...At the risk of showing that I'm not paying attention, is that the same Mike Winters of Panelled Heat fame?

I dunno about Panelled Heat, but he's definitely the Mike Winters of Hot Oil fame.

yes, same one

Winters prophesized (correctly) that "Nothing good has ever come from Regina." Being from the 'Vag, I took that to heart, and have aspired to mediocrity. I have held his opinion in high regard ever since.

Oh, and thanks a lot, fucker.

At least you guys are still online. Oilernation got powned last night.

Fire MacT? Nope fire the idiot that is in charge of their domain registration. LOL

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