Saturday, November 29, 2008


Flames Game Night

Canucks @ Flames, 8PM MT, HNIC

There was a complimentary piece in today's Herald about Daymond Langkow, which was really nice to see. He's a terrific two-way player, but also, I suppose this is the upside of not having any elite prospects, YouTube stars, etc. up front: you don't have to suffer through regular and ridiculous conversations on the radio, internet, and in meatspace about Well if we had a real #1 centre maybe we wouldn't be so inconsistent, etc.

The greatest testament to Langkow's abilities and value is the total lack of concern that there will be any particular problems with the Langkow/Bertuzzi line from the same people who acknowledged that Bertuzzi with Iginla was a disaster, a group that basically includes me. As my man Sacamano used to say about Marty Reasoner a few years ago, Langkow is Instant Chemistry -- which is really just another way of saying that he's a really good, smart hockey player with no weaknesses.

Cory Schneider makes his NHL debut for the Canucks tonight, and while he might be terrific, there will be no storybook ending.

Calgary 3 (Iginla, Phaneuf, Moss)
Vancouver 2 (Salo and Hank)

Go Flames.


There's a really blurry line between real prospects and YouTube stars.

Schneider is so good, that it could technically cause a goaltending dilemma here. I'm hopin to see enough from him this year to consider tradin Lou for some spectacular returns in the summer.
0-0 after 1 means Nucks prevail 4-1.

mc79: So is Schremp a write-off at this point?

I don't know that he's a writeoff but realistically, I see his upside as being a soft minutes guy on bad teams. If he's on a good team, he'll be in and out of the lineup, maybe spot duty on the second PP. You can make a good living and live a good life with that sort of a gig but I would be stunned if he ever ended up being a difference maker. There are too many people with his skill set who either have it better or do more things.

Schneider is so good, that it could technically cause a goaltending dilemma here.

I don't know if you've seen the commercial or not, but if you forget to pick up your meds, Rexall will phone you and let you know. Probably worth considering.

You're welcome.

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