Thursday, November 13, 2008


Flames Game Night

Flames @ Sharks, 830PM MT, Flames PPV

In games 61 thru 80 last season -- call it the last quarter -- the San Jose Sharks went 18-0-2. Thus far this season they are well behind the pace with a 13-3-1 record; combined with the fact that the Leaves have been surprisingly frisky under Ron Wilson, you know there must be some Sharks fans wishing they had a time machine and Doug Wilson's ear. Or, maybe it's just that Dan Boyle is that much worse than Brian Campbell. Who knows.


There's some fantastically interesting stuff going on at IOF and mc79hockey. [btw, even if you never read blog comments, you should be making a consistent exception at those two sites.]

For one, what we have is some really interesting stuff about the meaning of shots, and outshooting, and how the game is played, in the context of leading/trailing.

And for two, Vic has another nifty variation of the app; the results of a (any) particular trio of players when all on the ice at the same time. Ever thought to yourself in January or February, "Man -- whenever the coach reunites that line, they always seem to dominate!" Well, now there's a way to check.


For several years, it's been real tough to win in San Jose. When the ice tilts for the Sharks, it tilts hard. As such, I'm not expecting a W for the Flames tonight, but I am expecting a feisty effort, a pleasant HD broadcast, some tasty beverages, and three sleeping kids so that Mrs. Matt and I can relax and enjoy. Some people complain about West Coast games, but with little people in the house, they're a godsend.

Calgary 2 (Moss, Bertuzzi)
San Jose 3 (Goc, Grier, and some variation of Thornoyle in OT)

Go Flames.


Have you ever predicted a Flames loss before Matt?

little people?

you're Irish?



I sincerely hope that you have CI Matt.

PPVs get blacked out in the local market on CI. Don't have it. Spent the unfortunate $$ to catch this. Got the Leaves victory for free on Sportsnet.

Let's not get carried away here, guys. The Flames are only a converted touchdown from winning this thing.

Best of luck to the Calgary Flames this season.

I found this site at while searching for some info on the Flames - Anyway I recently joined my first ever hockey pool and ended up with Kiprusoff and Langkow on my pool - go Flames GO!

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