Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Flames Game Night

Leaves @ Flames, 730PM MT, RSN West

In the words of Slim Pickens, "Qu'est-ce qui l'arrrr?" Ten days ago, the Flames were on a nice win streak, and while they didn't look awesome, they certainly looked well positioned to take advantage of a (relatively) soft portion of the schedule. That stretch ends tonight (well, tomorrow), and Mission Not Accomplished. One only needs to look to the knobs up the highway -- 8-6-1 having played 12/15 on the road -- to see that their position in the Standings probably flatters them.

I missed the Chicago game, thankfully -- I might not have gotten over that $15.99 PPV fee any time soon. I did catch about 60% of the Columbus game though (strange but true: Bob Cole was more of a homer in that broadcast than any TV guy in the past 10 years), and it looks like Hitch might have himself a hockey team there.

The one thing that stood out to me was how physical the BJs were. And I don't exactly mean that they were willing to finish their checks, or that they were intent on punishing guys in the corners. What I mean is that every time there was any contact between a Flame and a Jacket, the C-Bus player leaned in that little bit extra. It was certainly the first time this season that Boyd/GlenX/Moss got any pushback at all. Maybe the BJs all had new girlfriends in the crowd? Who knows... maybe they're just that tough.

Hopefully Iginla is feeling back in form tonight. The scoresheet from Sunday tells an interesting tale: at EV, when the flu-hampered Iginla was on the ice, the Flames had
Not just the man himself: all 5 guys on the ice. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that that's probably a first.

Tonight's predictions: ugly game. Kipper is so-so, and McE gets the Thursday start v SJS to give 34 a full week off. Jarome still looks rough. A nice discussion of Who do you Hate More: Blake or Hollweg? at the PPP game thread. And Langkow, Moss, Boyd, and Phaneuf will Calgary** to a 4-3 Win. Go Flames.

**principally by scoring goals


Wow, now that's a fucking prediction. I think Kipper let that last one in on purpose just to make you look good.

Wow...go buy a lottery ticket. You nailed the score, a couple of the goal getters and the fact that Kipper would be so-so.

great game with tons of speed. who knew kipper would start? ;) Flame ON!

o.k this blog is like watching a beloved pet die very slowly.

Can someone please either shoot this damn thing or give it mouth to mouth?

5 Oiler rep's and hardly no content?

Three posts on a flames game night tread?

These nonpaying customers demand answers!

Is this a protest because that little biatch Dave Berry got kicked out of Rexal?

fever4falmes doesnt even comment anymore.

please come back.

All pets die eventually.

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