Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Flames Game Day

Flames host the Coyotes tonight, 8PM MT, RSN West.

This isn't really my wheelhouse, but here are some early season numbers for Flames prospects (Amateur division):
**Windsor has a 17-year-old D-man named Ryan Ellis who is 10-23-33, +19 in 18GP. He's tied for 1st in the OHL in scoring, 6 points ahead of the 3rd place guy, some dude named Tavares. He's listed at 5'10" (i.e. probably smaller), and is 21st on the Oct. 15th ISS 2009 Top 30. I know very little about amateur scouting, but I suspect he's working his way up that list.

I'll pass on noting any stats for the Pro prospects, as looking at the numbers for the 3-7-1 Quad City Flames is pretty damn depressing (exception: Matt Keetley).

Tonight: I suspect that Phoenix is probably the worst team in the conference, even though they are no longer the worst-managed, and they are probably headed (eventually) in the right direction. The Flames generally beat them, and in every game I can remember, they have massively outchanced the Coyotes. I fail to see why tonight should be any different, though the bottom D pair(s) need to be a lot more on the ball with Regehr out.

Calgary 5 (Iginla, Phaneuf, Moss x3 -- this kid is going places, I'm tellin ya!)
Phoenix 3 (let's say Doan, Special Ed, and Mueller -- I think he's shooting about 75% career against CGY)

Go Flames.


Last I saw, Backlund was at 2-3-5 in 8 games. Not bad.

That young Lundmark kid could be a real go getter!!!

Seriously, though, rough start for Ryder and it's likely he's shaking off that year's rust.

Yeah, I fully expect Ryder to take half a season to get back on track.

If a team loses to the worst team in the conference on home ice, does it then become the worst team, or just a bad one?

ya, backlund is playing on västerås's first line with the leagues leading scorer (14gp, 28p) so hes put in good position to develop me thinks

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