Friday, October 03, 2008



So, because I only have peasant vision, I can't get the Sox/Angels game tonight. Sportsnet West is showing a pre-season hockey game between some teams called the "Oilers" and "Flames" or something. And TBS no longer exists here in Canada. But I want to watch the baseball game, at home. Can anyone tell me where I can watch it online (other than on, of course)? If you can help me, I'll love you forever.


TVU Player?

Surely someone has to be streaming it there.

Or, Sopcast might be your best bet. It seems to be working alright for me, but you can experiment with the feeds.

Sopcast's link

Sopcast isn't working for me, but I did find the current game (Rays/ WSox) on Justin TV. Hopefully it will work for the late game.


Cheering for the Sox or the Rays? I have no loyalties either way but it's hard not to cheer for the Rays.

Glad to hear you've got a feed.

I'm cheering for whoever the Red Sox can beat quickest.

Geez, Bradford's sidearm pitch is about as low as humanly possible.

Baseball sucks, who would want to keep watching it in October...

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