Friday, October 24, 2008


One more for the road

I don't know who the heck "Dave Martin" is, but his story sounds very similar to Dave Berry's.

***Update*** Dave Berry is now Dave Berry.


That's weird. Did they change his name for anonymity sake but then mention such "clues" as to where he works...? Or is it that people don't quite realize what a small town Edmonton really is?

I'm guessing that the M in DMFB stands for Martin?

Or, more likely, Covered In Oil has lost yet another contributor. Damn, they're dropping like flies over there, soon enough they won't have enough guys for a basement threesome.

Personally. I love readin great blogs, and Cino is pretty funny. If it was my business however, and someone was rippin it, its employees or the general way it was run. I would put a stop to it.
And by stop to it, I mean a stern warning first time, a dark room and a beating the 2nd time. Its not the popular opinion, but I side with the Oil on this one.

My two cents.

ps. This event has brought even more blogging exposure which in the end will be good.

Reading that piece, I'm reminded of the lame-ass excuses ex-con Harold Ballard used to make for barring female reporters from the Leafs dressing room.

It basically revolved around Ballard (and other neanderthal owners) impugning the fairer sex's motives: "they just want to ogle the players," being the most odious.

These days, it's bloggers who might take a naughty photo or write a gossipy blog entry.

Then, as now, the answer is to reserve the dressing room for showering and changing, and hold interviews in an adjoining room, where everyone can enjoy the benefit of full clothing.

"and someone was rippin it"

Yeah, "ripping it." If you have no sense of humour or hyperbole, I guess that was what it was.

Close, anonymous1.

But I think riffin' it is more on point.

When did schools stop teaching reading comprehension, anyway? That sounds snarky, I know, but it's a question bordering on the sincere.

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