Sunday, October 12, 2008


Oilers, Avs: Those Aren't Pillows!

First game of the regular season for the Edmonton Oilers (FINALLY), against the Colorado Avalanche (6PM MST, RSW).

Home game, too. Literally.Crush. should be rocking.

My plans for today include:

1) Finishing up my novena to San Pisani
2) Translating Shannon Sharpe's words into English
3) Translating Tim McCarver's words into Non-Stupid
4) Eating copious amounts of turkey
5) Reading this book
6) Watching Oilers hockey
7) Doing the Mess Around

So, yeah. It's a good day.

Myself, I'll be paying special attention to these five Oilers in tonight's hockey game:

1) Mathieu Garon
2) Erik Cole
3) Sam Gagner
4) Shel-don, Last Son of Injuryville
5) Steve Staios

And hopefully I won't be seeing much at all from Paul Stasny and the Oil Slayers (Tyler Arnason, Ian Laperriere, Joe Sakic). Love their cover of "More Than A Feeling," though.

Classic blue and orange is back; hopefully the end of the 2006-2007 season (the last time these jerseys were worn) is not.

Prediction: 4-1, Oilers. Cole, Lubo, Nilsson and the Saint for the Oil, Burnaby Joe for the Avs. Gene Principe breaks a modern-day record, set by Gene Principe, for the most groan-inducing Thanksgiving puns in a sports telecast. As a result, "gobbling," "stuffing" and "dark meat" become early candidates for next year's Terms of Battle.



Edmonton: 3
(Nilsson, Souray, Penner)
Colorado: 2
(Arnason, Wolski)

Avalanche outshoot the Oilers 29 - 21.

ha ha

" dark meat"

And when I woke up, my marshmallows were gone!

I think I'm going to squeeze a trip to Costco in, too. What a glorious day.

I miss Alberta: where a hockey game and a trip to Costco were the pathway to perfect happiness.

He's drunk. How would he know where we're going?

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck tonight. I'll be watching to see how our boy Colesy does.
As for our end of the bargain... So far so good. Pit's got a goal and three assists through two games.

Wow, what a crappy-looking arena. Somebody should get on replacing that thing.

I can't believe they booed Smyth. Well, actually I can. Way to remain classless, Edmonton.

Totally. I mean, who boos a member of the visiting team? It's a real brainteaser.

Edmonton: 3
(Nilsson, Souray, Penner)
Colorado: 2
(Arnason, Wolski)

Avalanche outshoot the Oilers 29 - 21.

Not bang on, but not bad at all. Hurrah, me.

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