Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Not a primer. A potbOiler.

I wasn't going to write anything for the Oilers/Ducks tilt tonight (8pm MST, TSN)--as I have some other texts I need to my worm my way through instead--but I met a fan of the site today, and she threatened to beat me to a pulp if I didn't record something on this here page in her honour.

I have no treatise to offer on Chris Pronger, no binding thoughts on the cracked relationship of Kevin Lowe and that bastard title Brian Burke. Unfortunately I cannot even catalogue the evening's events as they take place, even though I am sure the game is going to be a real page turner. But I can offer to my friend the biblioilphile my thanks, a heartfelt Crosby, as well as this prediction, Ex Libris Andy Graba. So that is what I will do.

Prediction: 3-2, Oilers. Steve MacIntyre leaves George Parros frayed, cut and with a spine lean, and Pisani, Penner and Souray do the rest of the damage, with Souray scoring the winner on a missal from the point.



p.s. Eat that one, Principe!

Congratulations to my fellow hockey fans in southern Alberta on the occasion of a significant anniversary.

I'm so impressed! I expected maybe a discrete reference.

Biblioilphile is my new favorite word and I'm framing this post for my new office. You can sign it when you next visit.

Jesus Christ, Montreal and Boston, way to play the longest last 5 minutes of a game in NHL history. Doncha know the Oilers are starting!?

Given all the junk they already cram onto the screen, wouldn't it make sense for the network to go picture-in-picture at this point?

Nice call on the final score Grabia.

Nice call AG.


"You done good on that score guessin' thang."

congrats indeed, bruce

Any predictions on the scores this weekend, guys?

I think we could see the first NHL game of Jeff DesLauriers this weekend.

God I hope not!

The Flames have had Rolson's number since he got here. If they decide they're not back-to-backing Garon, I'll support JDD.

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