Thursday, October 30, 2008


Flames Game Day

I'm pretty intrigued by this game tonight against the Bruins (7PM MT at the 'Dome). By record, the B's are one of the best teams in the East so far this season; more impressive is that they've gotten there playing most of their games on the road, and against pretty good teams to boot (including the other 4 NW teams).

Having flicked by the TSN panel on Tuesday during the BOS/VAN intermission, I'm also curious to get a look at the Bruins "system". Though Claude Julien stresses defensive responsibilities as much as anyone, I'm always a bit skeptical to hear any system given a whole lot of credit for success. A closer look at a team that plays a stifling defensive system generally reveals a team who (A) has the puck a lot, and (B) is getting good goaltending.

No one-nil tonight. He's one of the NHL's truly good shits, and I miss the guy, but with A-Fence on the defence, you're going to be giving up some scoring chances.

Calgary 4 (Phaneuf, Moss, Langkow, Iginla)
Baahhstin 2 (Guy who the Flames traded for Ruslan Zainullin x2)

Go Flames.

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