Thursday, June 05, 2008


They are murdering, "duh da-duh da-duh!"

You lie in bed with a cold...You miss all the big news. And boy did I miss a doozy.

Forget about the Wings winning the Cup. Unless you are Matt or Kid Rock, that's boooring. The BIG news is that the CBC will no longer be using the theme song from Hockey Night in Canada. WHAT??? I've had about five people email me this already, and I still don't believe it. I feel like I'm being punk'd.

Obviously this is a tragedy of epic proportions. The Mother Corp. is denying, although it looks more like back-pedaling. Unless they plan on using "The Hockey Song," this is a really, really, really, REALLY dumb idea. Let's hope they do the right thing. If not, down with the CBC!!!

***Update*** I've found one protest group already on Facebook, and I'm sure there are more. Wait, here's another one, as well as an online petition.

***Update*** Staples has his take up, (correctly, I think) laying blame with both parties.


Hmm. I wonder if TSN is salivating over the chance to get the song?

I figured Andy would go nuts over this given his penchant for tradition.

After all, if The Building Formerly Known As Northlands is practically an historic monument, then the HNIC theme song must have status approaching that of the One True Cross.

But hey, at least it got Alberta's Premier all fired up.

I haven't read my Constitution in a while, are Theme Songs under Provincial or Federal jurisdiction?

"The premier became emotional about the topic and took a deep breath before saying the CBC has caused him a few heartaches and sleepless nights. He suggested he'd take his "pent up" feelings to iconic hockey personality Don Cherry."

And if you thought "Hey, maybe he just means he thinks that CBC is a waste of taxpayers money in general", then I'm afraid you are sadly mistaken.

"When asked about federal government funding of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Stelmach didn't comment on whether its financing deal should change. He said he's seen reports showing other TV broadcasters run more efficiently."

Good to see that Steady Eddie has his eye on the ball.

Biting the hand that fed, housed and flew you??

Nevertheless I agree. I've got my pitchfork and torch and the neighbours have all sorts of implements to inflict pain and suffering.

Down with the CBC!

Good thing CBC isn't messing with a franchise that's always drawn in money and viewership, a staple of my childhood that I still hold sacrosanct to this day.

After all, it's pretty hard to mess with Mr. Dressup these days.

(Try #4. Fuck you, Blogger.)

Given the immediate and harsh backlash to this news, I'm guessing that the CBS will end up buying the rights again, and for more money than it would have cost them had they just done it in the first place.

I figured Andy would go nuts over this given his penchant for tradition.

This coming from the guy who predicted Radek Dvorak would score 82 games in a row in 05-06. You are busting my hump about tradition?

That was more of a tic than a tradition.

Hey, when are you back in town? We need to gather for a Celts game.


"For release June 6, 2008:

Hockey Night In Canada Theme Announcement:

This afternoon John Ciccone communicated with Scott Moore of CBC and requested a meeting on Monday to further discuss the issues surrounding the Hockey Theme.

At 4:59 PM (one minute before CBC's deadline) Mr. Moore advised that CBC intended to proceed with an announcement of a National contest unless he had the basis for an agreement.

Ms. Claman is saddened and disappointed that CBC is not prepared to negotiate further. A further statement will be made on Monday, June 9th at 5:00 PM."


Update: CTV has purchased the rights to use it on TSN.
Delores Clamen is now a Monster!

Seriously, I think I'm going to take the unpopular opinion that Goodbye, see you 'round! Mrs. Clamen (or most likely her lawyers)
has acted soley for greed. $500 every time the song is played? I don't know if that's for different channels, or what.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but nice work CBC.
TSN will play the Hockey Night in Canada theme song to try to prop up it's third rate broadcast.
In a similar strategy, Pepsi has purchased the Red can with a white stripe.
To me, the biggest disgrace is her wrapping herself in the Canadian flag, saying how tragic it is to lose this piece of Canadiana... from her home in Britain.
Good riddance.




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